It’s a plane, not a missile…

Experts: Mystery Contrail Was Plane, Not Missile

Much as I hate (and dismiss) most conspiracy theories I’m just not buying the explanation being touted. I’ve seen a lot of atmospheric anomalies, visual mis-perceptions, jets, and rockets. Maybe not as much as some people, but enough to question the conclusion presented. After all, if it is simply a plane then why the FAA lack of knowledge regarding the location of the plane/missile? Where’s the pilot? Or for that matter, where is the plane itself? These are but a few questions to add on top of others (like why is there a burn from the engine similar to what one would see in a missile or rocket?)

Note that the claim is that plane/missile was likely America West Flight 808 from Hawaii to Phoenix. I don’t really buy that because the Hawaii to Phoenix flight is pretty regular. (Note US Airways re-branded all America West flights to US Airways but still retain America West’s callsign and code.) That being the case, why would such sight not be seen before? Sure it’s possible that the anomaly wasn’t noticed before but seems a little unlikely given the heavy air traffic of the area.

Personally, I figure the military was doing a test of some sort (as seemed to be indicated in a recent NGA advisory for the area) and it happened to get seen. If that was the case, admit it and move on. Most Americans wouldn’t have noticed or even cared if not for all the contradictory statements.

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