Bill Text – 111th Congress (2009-2010) – THOMAS (Library of Congress)

While I oppose the DREAM Act solely on the ground that it is giving citizenship to illegal aliens I decided to read the text of it after hearing what sounds like some pretty outlandish claims of what was in the bill in order to determine if they were accurate or exaggerated (at least more so than usual). What I read hasn’t change my opposition, even if I think some of the over exaggeration is silly.

I don’t believe the lame-duck session of Congress should even be looking at giving amnesty to illegals. They should be concentrating on things that will assist the citizens first: the economy, extending unemployment benefits, and extending tax-cuts.


2 thoughts on “DREAM Act

  1. “…concentrating on things that will assist the citizens first: the economy…”

    Just for the sake of conversation, every study I have ever seen reported indicates that the long-term financial impact of illegal immigration is positive. I have never seen a study that concludes the opposite. So the science says the DREAM act would be a a good thing for us, economically.

    • I have seen no studies (aside from propagandist drivel from both sides of the debate) regarding assertion that the DREAM Act would help or hinder the U.S. economy. If you have some links to such reports or studies from neutral parties I would be more than happy to read them and re-evaluate my position from there. That aside, please don’t try to muddle the issues with me when you very well know exactly what I meant about focusing on economics, taxes, etc., instead of the failed immigration policy of the country that has led to this gross attempt to justify amnesty. Illegal immigrants play an extremely small part in the overall economy, particularly in the areas hit hardest in this recession like aerospace and manufacturing; industries government policies have crippled.

      The simple, unequivocal facts are this: the DREAM Act is an amnesty policy for illegal immigrants being rushed into law at a time when immigration policy and reform needs to be openly debated without the hyperbole of the politicians, ethnocentric organizations, or special interests groups distruption and subversion of the process and issues within immigration that need to be addressed (work visa quotas, student visa quotas, enforcement, “anchor babies”, seasonal and temporary work visas, et al.). Worse, the DREAM Act does absolutely nothing to solve the underlying issues of illegal immigration, immigration enforcement, and genuine immigration reform. Sadly, I have no illusions that neither political party has any intention of ever addressing the issue properly as illegal immigrants are now just mere pawns for their political games.

      I know I sound harsh and intransigent in my position, but when the Federal government not only refused to enforce Federal immigration law after ignoring for decades the plea of states like Arizona to do something about illegal immigration and redress the burden illegal immigration put on the citizens and public services only to have the same Federal government sue Arizona for passing a law requiring Federal immigration law be enforced ended the debate for me. The smear campaigns, slander, lies and calls for boycotting Arizona ended any sympathy I had for illegal aliens.

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