North Korean Attack on South Korea

North Korean attack on South Korean island leaves U.S. with few good options

There are no good options either way. Obama and the world has a an ugly choice to make:

  1. Continue the failed policy of appeasement that the communist dictatorship of North Korea considers weakness and encouragement to increasingly violent attacks on it’s neighbors.
  2. Allow the Armistice to end and finally allow for a continuation of the Korean War until one side or the other has won.

Either way, people are going to suffer and die. One is simply more lingering and painful than the other. The only benefit of the latter choice is should China actively back North Korea in any potential war is such support would put the lie to notion so many nations and politicians have of China being a benign entity. 60 years of appeasement have led to nothing but suffering for all and the continued militant and increasingly violent regime in Pyongyang almost certainly guarantees a war sooner or later to settle the fate of the Korean peninsula.

The question is will the world capitulate in the face of violence and threats that guarantee other regimes adopting similar tactics or finally take a stand against North Korea and all regimes like them?

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