SpaceX Dragon Launch

Much Rides on Upcoming Launch of SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft

My only real problem with the article is trying to give President Obama credit for SpaceX’s work. SpaceX and companies like them have been working on private commercial space craft long before President Obama even thought of becoming President.

My hope is the Dragon launch goes smoothly. Whether you support private space launch or not, all can agree that NASA has become a bloated organization subject to the whims and machinations of politicians and scientists that have disrupted and, in some cases, crippled U.S. space capability. Whether those manipulations are based on budget considerations (e.g. the Federal government inability to manage its budget wisely) of socio-political agendas (via programs designed solely to support theories rather than test them such as global warming) the fact is the private sector is needed to provide a much needed spark of technological development and innovation that no longer exists due to the bureaucratic nature that has taken hold at NASA.

There will be some privatization of space whether people like it or not, but agencies like NASA will also remain.

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