Dems Reject Obama

House Democrats Reject Obama’s Tax Cut Deal

It’s amusing to see whining from Democrats about behind doors deals between the President and the GOP over tax cuts considering they were more than happy to cut a number of closed door deals without the GOP when they were under the delusion that they had a “mandate” to shove their garbage legislation upon the American people. But then Obama should have known better than to curry the favor of the leftist extremists in his party, one of the same mistakes Bush made when he curried favor from the evangelical right wing extremists of the Republican Party.

Now that the American people have started turning the tide against the insane overspending the Democrats, particularly hard leftist progressives, have become a bunch of whining imbeciles trying to adopt language that they think will fool Americans into supporting them once more. Hearing “fiscal irresponsible” from the same people who’ve created the largest deficit in U.S. history is like Bart Stupak claiming he’s now pro-choice: completely and utterly hypocritical.

In the end they’ll pass it, regardless of their claims otherwise, simply because they won’t want to face the further wrath of the American people. A wrath they had but a taste of this past November if Washington doesn’t get its act together.


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