Thoughts on 112th Congress

Just some thoughts I had on what I’d like the 112th Congress to do and/or accomplish.

  1. Repeal Obamacare. I know that repealing Obama’s health care law has as much chance as a snowball in hell but I’d still like to see it happen. If not repealing then I’d at least like to see some of the following changes made to it:
    • Removal of individual mandate on the grounds that the government has no authority to force citizens to buy a product that is otherwise optional.
    • Remove the 1% penalty tax for those without insurance coverage. This penalty rises to 2.5% in 2016.
    • Removal of dependents being able to stay on parents’ insurance until 26th birthday. I believe it is obvious that a normal 26 year old should be able to support themselves and pay for their own insurance and stop leeching off their parents.
    • Remove 10% tax on indoor tanning services. This is blatantly a simple unfairly targeted business tax.
    • Allow flexible spending accounts, health care reimbursement arrangements and health savings accounts to be used to pay for over the counter drugs.
    • Eliminate the costly, time and money consuming provision requiring business to file 1099 for payments over $600, adding further costs to business operations.
    • Remove 0.5% additional tax on earners making more than $200,000 ($250,000 for families) a year.
    • Remove the clauses cutting Medicare Advantage.
    • Eliminate the required caloric content on restaurant businesses and food vendors.
    • Eliminate the exemptions from the law that all members of the Federal government (from Federal union workers to congressmen to the President) will have. In other words, the elitists would have to live the like rest of the people with respect to this law.
    • Eliminate the excise tax on pharmaceutical companies as the tax will simply be passed on to the tax payers via highers costs.
    • Eliminate 2.3% excise tax on medical devices. Again an egregious burden placed on those who often can least afford it.
    • Eliminate the excise tax on insurance companies. The tax will simply be placed on citizens who will pay the brunt of the tax via higher fees and serves the secondary role of intentionally forcing people onto a socialistic government run health care system.
    • Elimination of the 40% excise tax on so called “Cadillac” plans.

  2. Do not expand the deficit ceiling again.  Congress continually allowing itself to spend without regard is the biggest part of the problems facing this nation. You can not borrow your way out of debt or into prosperity. Freeze the spending and cut the budget. When the government once more operates in the black, then the money and or taxes should be returned/lowered rather than spent on new items. Among the items I think should be done to achieve this are as follows:
    • Cut military budget to 15%-20% of total budget.
    • Across the board 5% spending but along with (but not cumulative to) the previously noted military budget cut.
    • Extend retirement age to 67.
    • Eliminate all pork spending. It may only be 1-2% of budget, but it is 1-2% that can be spent on paying down the debt instead of creating more debt.
    • Mandatory pay and benefit freeze to all Federal employees until debt and deficit eliminated, to be applied to all branches and members regardless of status. Preferably all wages and benefits should be cut.
    • Eliminate fraud, waste and abuse that cost the US $98 Billion in FY2009 and $72 Billion in FY2008.

  3. Immigration and Border Security. Simple. Enforce existing laws. Stop one branch of government preventing another branch of government from enforcing the law (e.g. BLM vs ICE, DHS vs. State police forces, et al.). Mandatory national e-verify system and enforcement. Seal the border and put into effect genuine, non-sanctuary supporting, immigration reforms.

There are a host of smaller issues to cover, but those are my big three issues for the 112th Congress of the United States. I hope the shake up of the November 2010 elections will be enough to get the Congress to due their jobs with due diligence, thought I suspect they will not. If nothing else, the new freshman, particularly the Tea Party backed members, should make things interesting for the old guard.

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