Mubarak Speech Commentary

I think Mubarak’s speech is going to be like throwing oil on a fire when he makes statements like this:

“I have asked the government to resign and I will appoint a new government tomorrow.”

Apparently that is Mubarak’s idea of democracy. He remains in power and everyone else comes and goes according to his whim.
(Yes I know they have a parliamentary system that works differently, but the implication is still the same.) But then he thinks cutting off communications is ensuring freedom and silencing protesters is protecting speech. And people in the US (namely ignorant politicans like Biden) wonder why so many Egyptians hate this guy? Simple. He is clueless to the needs and aspirations of Egyptians. I suspect his speech is only going to further incite the people against him for treating them like idiots. He sounded deluded and arrogant to me in the translation, so I imagine it played out even worse in Arabic.


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