Mubarak to step down, Protests continue

Mubarak says will step down, won’t leave Egypt | Reuters

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Tuesday he would not leave Egypt although he would step down from the presidency at the end of his term, due to end when the country holds a presidential election in September. “The Hosni Mubarak who speaks to you today is proud of his achievements over the years in serving Egypt and its people,” he said in an address broadcast on state television.

Sadly, Mubarak still doesn’t get it that the Egyptian people want him gone now. Not in September. The government can run without him until new elections are held. As for the American MSM claiming people in Cairo were happy with his speech is laughable. All I’m reading is they’re even more pissed off than ever after the speech. Given that the protesters had an estimated million or so people show up in Tahrir Square seems to support the growing anti-Mubarak sentiment sweeping Egypt. More telling is the Egyptian military keeping order and working with protesters to maintain security.

In the US, too many people continue to erroneously believe this protest is being driven by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. Truth is, it is not. It is the common people in Egypt fed up with brutality and worsening economic and social conditions. The likelihood of any Islamist group taking over Egypt is slim given the majority of the population prefer a more open secularized society (especially considering the large Coptic Christian community and other non-Muslims) and the military will not allow such groups to gain power, ala Turkey.

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