Egyptian Uprising Aftermath: Now What?

Uprising will only become a revolution when demands of protesters are met – The Irish Times – Tue, Feb 15, 2011

The Egyptian revolt is not yet a “revolution”. It remains a mass uprising against a military regime that has been in power since the monarchy was overthrown in 1952. The uprising will become a revolution only if and when the demands of the democracy movement are met. These include an end to military rule, lifting of the emergency laws imposed since 1981, and free and fair multiparty elections. If these objectives are attained, Egypt will have staged a real revolution and secured democracy for the first time in its 7,000 years of history.

All of this is true. The trouble, as usual, lies in the details as that nation decides how to proceed and what ultimately their goals are among the sometimes diametrically opposed factions. From a purely observational standpoint, it appears the all agree in theory to a democracy. The problem is what sort of democracy? A pure democracy where majority rules regardless of a minority’s opinions? A European style parliament the Mubarak regime merely aped while crushing oppositions parties access? A U.S. style Republic? Or something entirely different? It’s a lot of choices to wade through and decide on.

My hope is that the Egyptian people will pick a system and creates a constitution that will protect the rights of all of it’s citizens while providing equal protections, rights and representation to all without bias towards gender, religion, economic status, or race. Equally it is my hope they chose a government severely limiting the state imposing itself on the people and industry so that freedom and prosperity may be allowed to take and flourish for all Egyptians, not a small select few.

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