DiCiccio Recall Effort

So I had a brush with the effort to recall Councilman Sal DiCiccio from the Phoenix City Council while out at lunch today. The canvasser was less than pleased when asked about why DiCiccio was being recalled claiming he didn’t know. Problem is I could tell he was lying and called him on it.

Here’s some background on whats really going on in this case:

The recall effort is backed by the city employees’ union who selfishly want everyone else to have to make concessions but, of course, not them. In this case they’re opposed to SB 1322 which would require Phoenix and Tucson to allow private (read: non-union) companies to bid on city projects. In other words, true competition that is the hall mark of any successful capitalistic society. For me, encouraging competition is not recall-able offense unless you a devout adherent of socialism and communism.

Now I have no problem with people spending their efforts on recall efforts. After all it’s their own money and time. What I don’t like is this canvasser implying that anyone who was against the recall, or supported DiCiccio, was against workers. This is exactly what the canvasser implied when I said I supported DiCiccio and SB 1322 wholeheartedly. I suspect he would have even tried to imply more except that I noted to him that at least he was actually earning his money by working hard unlike the majority of city workers I’ve met.

The incident has once more shown me why I can not support unions. They used to do well by their workers and the citizenry but no longer. They have become part of the problem when they think competition is “unfair”.


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