Ethnic studies protest at TUSD meeting – Ethnic studies protest cancels TUSD board meeting

Supporters of the Mexican American Studies program forced their way into an already full board room and several of them chained themselves together.

The board was planning to discuss making some Mexican American Studies courses electives that would no longer be used to satisfy core-curriculum requirements.

And it is these actions that are generating anti-Mexican feeling in Arizona when combined with other on-going problems (unemployment, illegal immigrations, etc.). Everything I’ve read about the Mexican American Studies shows it has some courses that clearly smack of racism against non-Hispanics and non-Latinos while promoting ethnocentric politics. As such the TUSD is correct to make the changes regarding the courses with questionable educational merit. If they did not then other groups such as the Nation of Islam and Stormfront could begin to demand similar education courses be taught.

School should be about educating, not indoctrinating.


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