Food Police

Gov’t Seeks to Limit Junk Food Ads to Kids

I’m not surprised the food police want to expand their nanny state socialism on the United States in the name of the “public good”. The food industry goes along with these “voluntary programs” hoping to stave off full blown government control but are only fooling themselves. Just ask the oi, gas, and other energy producers. They’ve made concession after concession on top of the regulations and still the government does all it can to cripple those industries. The result: higher prices and a crippled economy.

The food police believe they know better than everyone else how to live and eat, but more importantly believe they have the right to dictate to any and everyone how to eat. It’s nothing new, of course, and are merely a symptom of a problem that needs to be eliminated from this nation’s governing officials: the nanny state dictatorship mentality. Americans need to start thinking for themselves, assert their own authority as citizens, be responsible parents to their kids instead of trying to be their friends, and educate themselves about nutrition from unbiased sources free of special interest groups pushing whatever agenda they are after.

2 thoughts on “Food Police

  1. Look, I agree with the need for all of us to assert our own authority as citizens and that it’s still a free country. I’m no Nazi Nanny or involved with this “special interest group”. All of us should take an interest in the future of our country – the kids. When we’re all too old and grey to do anything about how things are run, I’d like to think those developing minds had a chance to develop normally and not with the high-sugar, high-fat, chemically-preserved, nutrient-deficient junk food that is prevailing today. Do you ever look around and see just how fat we are as a nation? It’s like you are saying we have a right to be fat and ignorant. We do have that right, but it’s not something I would be touting as a responsible human being, let alone mother of two future adults.

  2. I know exactly what I’m saying here: parents, not the government, need to be responsible for their kids. Period. I, as a responsible human being, present that simple reality.

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