How Not to Discuss Immigration (Or Any Issue): Obama Mocks GOP

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration –

“Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said derisively to laughter from the crowd. “Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Hey, if it works might as well try it. [!] [1] (<–FYI, this is sarcasm by the way. I feel the need to point this out since such subtlety is lost on political pundits and assorted internet crackpots.)

But seriously now. The President calls for civility and calm dialogue but then pulls a stunt like this? I wish I could say I’m surprised but I am not. It’s classic Alinsky[2]-ism and indicative of the corruption of those who follow this brand of progressivism. This is the same old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude prevalent amongst the Washington political elite who view not only their opposition with disdain (at best) and contempt (at worst) but the American people as well. It’s unsurprising the President would use this uncivil and divisive tone on an issue to try and generate meager support. Sadly, all Mr. Obama did was highlight his contempt for his fellow citizens in several ways.

The first group the President shows his contempt for Hispanics and Latinos. Mr. Obama promises this segment of the population citizenship for millions of illegal aliens by calling it “reform” while making the racist and ethnically-biased assumption that all Hispanics and Latinos “stick together”, support illegal immigration, and always support Democrats. He assumes the Hispanic and Latino population are too stupid to understand the issues involved in genuinely reforming immigration and that by quoting a few catch phrases and keywords that they’ll simply flock to his political banner. The problem is that there are many legal Hispanic/Latino citizens who vehemently oppose illegal immigration and the associated criminal activity it entails and want current immigration laws stringently enforced.

The next group the President insults is the middle class. He foolishly thinks he can convince American workers, worried about getting and keeping their jobs in this long running recession, will welcome the idea of millions of more illegal immigrants being given citizenship or work permits to flood the job market as well as taking up valuable openings at American educational institutions (via the DREAM Act).  If the gruel you eat is too thin to be nutritious you don’t add more water to make it thinner.

The third group he insults is the group he needs most to get genuine reform done: the Congress. Yes he was primarily blasting Republicans but the reality is a sizable number of Democrats agree with Republicans with respect to issues relating to immigration. It’s the Democratic elitist leadership that ignores its rank and file members calls for a moderate and non-politicized approach to issues like immigration that are the real problem. Illegal immigration, and other national issues, will not be solved until the useless rhetoric and political brinkmanship favored by the elitists to destroy unity amongst Americans.

And finally he insults all American by one more trying to divert attention away from the real, number one issue of the day: the economy and the continuing decline of the American middle class and businesses. Prices are up for food and fuel, the American dollar is weak due to the Feds over printing, unemployment is climbing once more, and property values are dropping again but instead of attending to the economy the President decides to play political games once more.

So I feel compelled to remind the President of why his poll numbers are tanking and his policies are unpopular with a popular phrase from the Clinton Administration era: It’s the economy, stupid! So stop mocking, stop campaigning a year and a half before the election, get off the television, get back to the White House, and do your job.

[1] [!] is a sarcasm emote, FYI. I intend to make greater use of it since I do tend to get sarcastic in a number of my posts when faced with the inanities of the world.
Referring to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the extremist progressive movement (read:socialist-Marxist-communist) school of thought that encourages pushing a socialist-communist agenda by any means necessary (denigration, dehumanization, jingoism, infiltration, indoctrination, censorship, propaganda, slander/libel, victimization, intimidation, threats, exploiting racism, sexism, sectarianism, atheism and ethnocentrism, alienation, impoverishment, entitlement, class warfare, et al).


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