The Beginning of the End of Democracy in MI?

Finance Professionals Eye Detroit And Other Strapped Michigan Cities For Emergency Manager Takeover

Michigan has had an emergency manager statute on its books for 20 years, but Public Act 4, signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in March, endows these officials with expanded powers over the localities where they’re dispatched. Emergency managers now can suspend collective bargaining rights for unions. They can terminate worker contracts. They can strip the mayor and the city council of all their power.

And people dismiss my warning of Corporate Hegemony, yet here is further evidence of its existence, done all in the name of “fixing” assorted problems and done at the order of a Governor. What makes the Michigan case so interesting is that the statute has been on the books for 20 years. Since that time what has  happened in that state: education, business, and governance is destroyed via a mass of corruption, scandal, and (I now suspect intentional) mismanagement by both Democrat and Republican politicians. Taken to the extreme, as often happens when individuals and groups get even a taste of control and power, elections, local governance, and local representation are eliminated in the name of the good of the state.

Sound familiar? These are the same reasons and excuses given around the world and throughout history to take away individual rights, state sovereignty, and to impose dictatorships. Perhaps I sound paranoid but I’ve read and seen too much history to dismiss such possibilities as impossible. Perhaps I even sound anti-business. I’m not. I simply believe business is business and government is government. They should be kept as separate as possible. When the two combine they inevitably become one of two brands: a)  a socialist, communist, or fascist entity when run by the government or b) when dictated by businesses, they become a corporate hegemony, a capitalist form of dictatorship. Both end in the same result: dictatorship for the citizenry forced under their yolk.

Is this the future of America that you want? Then don’t be like Michigan and allow for the creation of any law, rule, regulation, or statute that gives authority to unelected officials to strip you and your fellow citizens of you rights and eliminate your representative government. If you don’t like your government, change it via votes, not by giving up your rights to corporations or higher (read: larger) governments.

Be wary of those who would take away your rights and your representation in the name of the public good or fairness or decency or any other jingoistic term they will use to sway you. Be even more wary of falling for such tactics when it applied to others. If you support taking away freedoms, sovereignty, and self governance for others then you have no right to complain when they finally come to take these same things from you.

Fortunately, it seems, the people of Michigan are waking up and questioning what’s going on there. The question is, can they put aside the polarization and division they’ve been propagandize into accepting by the ruling elite to solve their problems before it is too late?

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