Georgia Immigration Bill and Napolitano’s Fantasy

Georgia Immigration Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Nathan Deal

“The falsity is that there has been nothing done, that the border somehow is out of control. That is incorrect,” she said.

Welcome to the immigration war, Georgia.

And people wonder why the majority of Arizonans were practically dancing in the streets when Napolitano was drafted by the Obama administration. By no means the worst Governor in Arizona history her leaving freed the state of her sanctuary policies and revealed her true allegiances as a Democratic Party loyalist rather than a representative and governor of the people of Arizona. No, the reality is that illegal immigration is rampant and destructive problem for the United States that the fools in Washington refuse to accept. Worse these same fools do not understand the definition of the word illegal.

I suppose the deaths of Border Patrol agents are okay with Napolitano according to her little fantasy world. So is the human trafficking, drug trafficking, rapes, threats and murders of American citizens happening as well. And then there are the financial costs to workers, tax payers, and states that must spend resources on the illegals as well that should be going to help citizens and legal residents of this nation.

But nope, in “Janet’s World” all is rainbows and fluffy bunnies. Facts contrary to this fantasy are just pesky annoyances that needs to be crushed with propaganda and political witch hunts.


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