Military Families Act: Attempted Amnesty Act 2.0

Robert Menendez: Troops Shouldn’t Worry Families Will Be Deported

The Military Families Act, which so far has zero Republican supporters, would grant legal permanent residence to the immediate family members of military men and women in active duty. Like the DREAM Act, a bill that would grant legal status to immigrants who entered the United States as children if they go to college or join the military, the idea is to narrow the pool of undocumented beneficiaries to the most sympathetic few, in hopes that the GOP will not decry the bill as amnesty.

Sadly Senator Menendez’s cynical ploy at currying favor with Hispanic and Latino voters for the Democratic Party is obvious here. Equally obvious is his playing both the ethnicity card and the military card to give permission for a certain class of people in the United States a free pass when committing a crime: entering the country illegally. It still astonishes me that there is anyone, citizen or not, who doesn’t understand the simple meaning of the word illegal. So, I’ll clarify:

illegal – not according to or authorized by law; unlawful, illicit. (Merriam-Webster)

Pretty straight forward definition, yes?

Menendez’s bill is just another attempt to sneak through amnesty for illegals, like the DREAM Act. By Menendez’s thinking serving in the military is grounds to forgive criminal activity, a policy many politicians decried during the Vietnam era and denounced repeatedly since then whenever the issue has arisen again. Basically Menendez is using the ongoing propaganda often used by our government that our military personnel are somehow superior (morally and ethically) to average non-military citizens to justify forgiving criminal acts. By that reasoning, family members of citizens serving in the military should also be allowed to commit a range of crimes (identity theft, not paying taxes, no driver’s license or insurance) and receive certain privileges (free housing, education, medical care).

No to the Military Families Act.
No to the DREAM Act.
No to blanket amnesty!

Yes to immigration enforcement.
Yes to genuine immigration reform.

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