Romney, Cain Refuse to Sign Pro-Life Pledge

Mitt Romney Refuses To Sign Pro-Life Pledge

I’m glad both Mitt Romney and Herman Cain have refused to kowtow to the Susan B. Anthony group (so far). The fact that this group arrogantly presumes to be the sole arbiters and dictators to a potential Presidential candidate on how they theoretically would run the United States based on a narrow extremist view based on religious opinion is disgusting and insulting. Americans are tired of the special interest groups (be the leftist wackos or right-wing nuts) trying to impose their dictatorial agendas upon the nation. Americans want less government in their life, less interference in their personal decisions, and certainly less arrogant elitist douche bags’ socio-political agenda forced on the public.

It is the so called pro-life wackos that piss me off the most. I personally oppose abortion, except in the case of rape, incest, and harm to the mother. The extremist pro-lifers all abortion banned even if it costs the life of the mother. Worse these same self righteous ass-hats oppose genuine sex education and pregnancy prevention programs while at the same time undermining adoption efforts of people who wish to adopt (i.e. opposing singles or gays from adoption or racist notions like adoptions only being allowed within a racial group). In combination with other activities these so called social conservative groups are after I can only conclude their ultimate intent is to enslave women to second class citizen status. What else explains a heartless disregard for a portion of the American public and their fellow citizens?

As a libertarian minded individual and strict believer of equality under the law, I encourage Mr. Romney and Mr. Cain to remain steadfast in their refusal to sign regardless of their reasons. To do otherwise would prove they are spineless cowards, incapable of carrying out the primary role of the President of the United States: representing the hopes, desires and aspirations of all the people of this country. If doing so means they don’t get elected in the primary elections then the GOP has nothing to complain about when the lose to Obama in 2012 (which is exactly what will happen if a right wing christian fascist is selected to challenge Obama). The control of the special interests must end!

I think it is safe to say Americans are sick of the extremists destroying the country and the election process because of their hijacking of the political parties. It’s time the Republican Party (and the Democratic Party for that matter) be taken back by the people of the United States from the insane special interest and would be oligarchs that are destroying the country in their efforts to impose their dictatorial agendas.

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