Thought’s on Company Loyalty

I find it amusing that business complain about that lack of employee loyalty to a company, especially when said company does the following after announcing record profits:

  1. They tell half the staff their hours are being cut back and said cut back staff members can only work four days a week and may not exceed 32 hours a week.
  2. Inform a quarter of their staff they’re terminated in 30 days.
  3. Tell the staff whose hours have been cut that they have to make up the work of those being terminated. (Remember they can only work 32 hours per week now.)
  4. Give managers and execs a quarterly bonus equaling 25% of their total yearly pay.

This is exactly what happened to an associate of mine. I’m not surprised in the least when he told me just left (i.e. quit without telling anyone) and never intends to go back since he had another job offer he had been mulling over. Obviously he took the offer and starts his new job next Monday.

Sorry businesses of America but just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean you get to treat your workers like garbage. Have at least some perfunctory (if insincere) respect and courtesy for your employees by at least not rubbing your outlandish bonuses you are giving to the big wigs in their faces while screwing over the average worker by cutting their time (and as a result their paychecks and/or benefits). The ones who stay in spite of things like this only stay long enough to do one of the following things (if not all) as a result of your arrogance and callousness: a) they stay long enough to get a better job (and depart without notice), b) they’ll look for every way to screw your business over as they feel they are being screwed over, c) will try to destroy your company’s reputation by doing as poor a job as they can without getting outright fired, and d) steal whatever information/clients/knowledge they can to give to your competitor (whether it is legal to do so or not).

Businesses need to remember that loyalty is a two way street. If you have nothing but contempt for your workers who made your profits possible then you should not expect, let alone demand, loyalty or even decent productivity in return from those you treat poorly. There are many American workers who work hard despite less than ideal wages and are plenty loyal to their employers simply because they are treated with respect and consideration. Just some thoughts for the day on why businesses need to shape up before they end up destroying themselves.

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