When Freedom is a Crime

Rochester Woman Arrested After Videotaping Police From Her Own Front Yard

In May, the Rochester Police Department arrested a woman on a charge of obstructing governmental administration after she videotaped several officers’ search of a man’s car. The charge is a criminal misdemeanor.

The only problem? Videotaping a police officer in public view is perfectly legal in New York state — and the woman was in her own front yard.

Welcome to the Fascist States of America. If the police want people to trust them they need to stop acting like the very thugs they are supposed to protecting society from. A person video taping a cop is no threat unless they are planning on doing something illegal themselves. Interestingly, the second person to video tape the first persons arrest is somehow not considered a threat by the same cop. Obviously the police officer is abusing his authority at this point. Worse is knowing the trumped up charges they’re throwing on the woman are obviously a means of intimidation and harassment for doing what is considered perfectly legal in the state of New York (and I suspect in a number of other states as well).

This screams to me that the cop and those protecting him are corrupt. After all, the police are constantly saying people should have nothing to fear from being recorded by the cops. So why is this cop afraid to be held to the same standard?


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