Egypt Violence on Eve of Elections

I’ve been quietly watching the events unfold in Egypt as they headed towards their elections. Admittedly this was because I was interested in seeing how Mahmoud Salem (better known to many online as Sandmonkey) fared in his attempt to become the parliamentary representative for Heliopolis. Despite the recent troubles, I do hope he succeeds. I think he’s a dose of sanity that Egypt needs to rebuild from the Mubarak regime and the military council.

I’m disappointed and saddened at seeing violence erupt in Egypt again such a short time ahead of their elections. My hope is that the current military junta (which has allowed the violence to occur, IMO) will not use this as an excuse to subvert democracy in Egypt out of fear, ignorance, or desire to to hold onto power or play king makers. The military’s reputation has already been damaged in Egypt with recent attacks (both militarily and in the state run media) against Coptic Christians and their Muslim supporters (yes, you read that correctly. Not all Muslims hate Christians.) resulting in their deaths and once more now attacking protesters legitimately frustrated with what is happening in their country.

Hopefully, all of this will work out. We will simply have to wait and see. It is looking dim though with the fresh violence in Tahrir.

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