Arizona News Bits: Bill to End Unemployment Discrimination, Fast and Furious Investigation

Job Shop: Lawmaker Wants to End Unemployment Discrimination

Democratic state Rep. Ruben Gallego of Phoenix says the bill would add “long-term unemployment status” to the list of factors that employers are prohibited from considering.

Yesterday I posted about California addressing the discrimination against the unemployed. Today, an Arizona representative in the state house wants to put forth a bill addressing the issue. I think it’s a good idea, but unfortunately the representative putting the bill forward may have killed it due to his efforts to repeal SB1070, efforts that are dead on arrival in the state legislature if legislative leaders are to be believed.

Hopefully, his fellow representatives can look past his anti-SB1070 efforts and work together in crafting an anti-discrimination bill for the unemployed. I say hopefully because rhetoric from the anti-SB1070 crowd has poisoned much political discourse here in Arizona an a variety of issues by those few who’ve tried to turn everything into an issue of race or ethnicity. Most have put in on the back burner until the SCOTUS makes a final determination later this year but there always those who fixate on issues.

Lawmakers Propose Local Fast and Furious Probe

Now state lawmakers are taking the investigation into their own hands. House Speaker Andy Tobin and other Arizona lawmakers are forming a bi-partisan committee to investigate whether Fast and Furious broke any state laws or if any new laws are needed.

I’m not surprised at this since United States AG Holder’s Justice Department refuses to do a proper investigation into the issue and agencies involved. Unfortunately, I also already know what associated federal agencies are going to do: claim immunity under federal law for any potential criminal activity that they participated in. In other words, more corruption from the federal government in it’s failure to protect the American people and uphold the law.


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