State of the Union Address

I have not decided whether to watch the State of the Union address by President Obama or not. I probably will, but I fear it is simply going to become a platform for Obama’s re-election campaign rather than a true statement on the status of our nation and his intended plans. Instead I expect to hear a number of the following things:

  1. Fairness. Or Obama’s version of fairness, which based on his record means what he thinks is fair, not necessarily what is actually fair. Another reference often used to refer to redistribution of wealth and raising taxes.
  2. Bolster economy and jobs growth by pushing for green jobs. This was tried and already failed. Solyndra anyone? How about the Fisker debacle? Better still, why kill the Keystone oil pipeline deal that would create jobs, especially given the presence of one pipeline already in operation? Anyone with half a brain knows we need to utilize all energy resources in this country.
  3. End income disparity. In other words, class warfare and demonizing successful Americans.
  4. Corporations are evil. Even as the President takes money from companies like GE that made record profits but paid nothing over the past few years.
  5. The Rich are evil and should pay their fair share. Which they actually do comparatively speaking when you look objectively at the amount of revenue they generate for the government.
  6. America’s policy failures are Congress’ fault. Ignoring of course complete Democrat control of the Congress for his first two years and his own lack of leadership skills.
  7. Tax reform. But is it really tax reform or just another stab at redistribution of wealth? How about a plan in which all Americans pay taxes, especially the 40% or so who currently pay nothing.
  8. The GOP is evil for not working with him. Of course, he’ll ignore the rage over his party abusing their control over the Congress to push things people didn’t want like ObamaCare (socialized medicine/individual mandate/new taxes/less care/less choice) and  Stimulus (a payoff to unions and party supporters) without working with the Republicans. He’ll also conveniently forget that the Senate is still in control of his own party.

Obviously, I’m skeptical of the President’s speech. But then I’m skeptical of his entire presidency for good reason. Maybe he’ll surprise me.

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