Brief State of the Union Address Thoughts

I watched the State of the Union address and it mostly went the way I expected it. Nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, the speech was actually a bit dull, lifeless, and a bit scattered. Some points I found noteworthy were:

  • Obama effectively backing fracking after killing Keystone oil pipeline. He does know fracking is one of the most damaging to the environment, right? So if he backs fracking then why kill the Keystone pipeline. A bit hypocritical for one espousing green jobs.
  • The expected “fairness” issue, which is misleading and downright false, being used to push class warfare once more.
  • No real mention of the President’s failure to repair the economy, nor taking responsibility for his failed economic policies.
  • Another attempt at getting the DREAM Act put into place, forgetting somehow that he couldn’t even garner Democrat support for a bill rewarding illegal aliens while ignoring the needs of its citizens.
  • The lie that ObamaCare relies on a reformed private market, not a government program. ObamaCare clearly creates a government program for those who’ve bothered to read it, such as myself. (That puts me way ahead of the politicians who voted for it without reading it.)
  • The bailout of the auto industry is thanks to Bush, not Obama. It should have never happened. Failing companies should be allowed to fail, so new ones can come in and take their place. By supporting these companies they’ve actually hindered smaller companies (i.e. Arcimoto, Tesla, et. al.) from being able to enter the market without interference from the Big 3.

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