Commentary On Hilary Rosen Attacks On Ann Romney

I generally ignore most political partisan sniping, especially in campaign seasons, but like many I was extremely offended by Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney in a botched class warfare attack on Mitt Romney’s successes. There are numerous reason Ms. Rosen should have simply kept her mouth shut and found a different tactic in which to try to create opposition to Romney’s status as the near de facto Republican Presidential nominee. Here are but a few:

  1. Violated the first rule of politics (at least in my book): She attacked the family of a candidate for no legitimate reason (e.g. policies, criminal activity, et al.).
  2. Ms. Rosen attacked Mrs. Romney personally knowing little more than Ann Romney being Mitt Romney’s wife, as if being a spouse to a wealthy individual was a crime. Yes, a number of extreme “progressive” leftists in the Democrat Party view success and wealth as evil but the vast majority of reasonable Americans have no problem with those who acquired their wealth legally. As Romney has never been accused of criminally achieving his wealth, as far as I know, then no American should begrudge he or his family’s successes. Any who do likely do so from a position of avarice and jealousy in themselves.
  3. Ms. Rosen attacked stay at home parents (both mothers and fathers) as somehow unaffected or unconcerned by economic issues. Additionally she implies that stay at home parents don’t actually contribute or work. Anyone who has been a stay at home parent or knows one could easily inform Ms. Rosen of her ignorant statement. Regardless of your economic income status, rich or poor, to attack stay at home parents for political reasons in unwarranted.
  4. Ms. Rosen attempts to start class warfare between women, playing into an old misogynistic tactic used by both political parties in the United States to keep women divided instead of united on issues that concern them all. Obviously the Democrats haven’t realized that Americans are tired of the divisive filth being spread by both parties, especially the constant calls for class warfare by the hypocritical political elite.
  5. Ms. Rosen plays into the hands of the misogynists by attacking another woman over the choice she made regarding her children and family. If Ms. Rosen truly believes women should have the rights and freedoms to make their choices in their lives regarding the families and careers then why attack another? Or does Ms. Rosen think personal choices only applies to decisions she agrees with or that such freedom should be denied to others based on economic status?

In other words, Ms. Rosen has accomplished through her initial insult and revealing* apology something that Republicans and conservatives have been unable to do of late. She single-handedly blunted the Obama Administrations bogus claims of a GOP “War Against Women”, blunted the Democrat Party’s increasing extremist class warfare agenda, and made women aware that the true misogynistic tendencies of the Democrat’s leadership is no different than that of the GOP.

She shattered the mirrors and blew away the smoke to reveal the ugly truth of her DNC masters for all to see. So, congratulations Ms. Rosen for showing yourself to be a puppet of the political elite’s efforts to further divide America in a cynical ploy to remain in power. It saddens me that despite centuries of effort to end misogyny women still allow themselves to be used by politicians of the political spectrum to attack other women and keep them downtrodden for the choices they make. It’s shameful and women should not allow themselves to be so easily duped into such activity. It’s one thing to question someone’s policies but wholly another to simply attack the person as Ms. Rosen did. It’s a fine line to walk, but the line is there none the less.

As for me, Ms. Rosen’s actions have cemented my support to the Romney campaign in order to fight the hypocrisy, fear mongering and hysteria of individuals like her. It’s time to end class warfare.

* Revealing statement from her apology: the faux war on women. So the Dems made the phrase up to push their policies via fear. Sadly there are true attacks on women’s rights that both major parties have every intention of ignoring (if not encouraging) because ultimately they view women as inferior and less important than men in our society.

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