SCOTUS Strikes Down MT 100 Year Old Anti-Corruption Law

A bad decision by the SCOTUS occured to day, though many have missed it given the Court’s decision on Arizona’s SB1070.

The SCOTUS struck down Montana’s century old law, the Corrupt Practices Act of 1912, limiting corporate political spending, arguing that the Citizen’s United ruling applies to the Montana law. Sadly this decision was made in the face of overwhelming historical evidence of Montana’s position that the independent expenditures corrupt or create the appearance of corruption.

It still boggles my mind that the SCOTUS says corporations have free speech or even accept the notion of corporate personhood when by their very definition a corporation is not a person but a legal construct of an organization form with government approval to act as an artificial person to carry on business or other activities. On several counts by definition makes it clear that a corporation is not a person.

I still have to wonder what is going on in the Supreme Court with ridiculous rulings over the past decade giving more and more rights and powers to corporations while eroding the rights of the citizens of the United States. Sure I’ve been warning people to be alert for growing corporate hegemony (and often laughed at for these claims) yet here we are with more and more rulings asserting the right of corporate supremacy over that of the citizen and individual.

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