Newsweek: Trump Lies *Data Checking*

So I rarely post here anymore and probably should close this blog but a recent article from Newsweek was issued claiming President Trump lied about the United States having the cleanest air in the world. I’m not a Trump fan but I trust the froth-mouths and so called main stream media (like Newsweek) even less. Also, I was curious as to what the actual data says.  I prefer data to base my opinions on so I went to do the research myself.

(You can too, if you disagree with my resulting opinion below.)

To my surprise, Trump while overstating the results, wasn’t that far off of being correct. According the World Heath Organization data, the US overall has air quality significantly better than much of the world (especially when compared to Europe and Asia). There are a number of countries with better air (Norway, Finland, etc.) but I was shocked at the truly bad air quality in some regions, especially central Europe.

So Trump claimed good US air quality is due to pulling out of the Paris Accords. Wrong. The WHO data is indicative of years of environmental policies that clearly work at keeping U.S. air quality to the poor quality found in much of the world but also shows work is still needed to achieve the good levels of nations such as Finland, which currently is considered the most pure air quality.

Conclusion: Both Trump and Newsweek “bend” the facts to suit their “truth”.

Trump was in typical political over hyping mode in his proclamation, something politicians of all stripes have done for decades to whip up the masses to support them. And Newsweek reacting in the now typical over hyping of their spin instead of just raw presenting the data and letting people draw their own conclusion.

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