Obama Remark Unsettles Some

So much for bringing America together. The fanatics are already out trying to justify their useless existences for the next four years.

Obama Remark Unsettles Some

So certain fruitloop religious leaders suddenly don’t support the  message of acceptance and tolerance for all Americans in Obama’s inaugural speech because they don’t fit their narrow minded theological perspective. How hypocritical! I just don’t get people (especially black Americans from the civil rights era) that faced massive abuse and discrimination are so eager and willing to denigrate and dismiss others. Such attitudes is what leads to that self-same abuse and discrimination.

So Hindus, Muslims, Athiests, Agnostic, et. al. aren’t part of American culture? Funny, my Hindu, Muslim, Athiest, Agnostic, et.al. friends and family members may have a few words to say about that! What about the Native American tribes that still practice their ancient rites? Suddenly they’re not Americans (again)?

It is this very notion by some so called civil rights leaders and their religious supporters that completely undermines and destroys any credibility and gravitas they may have on civil rights issues. I pity Christians who view non-Christians and non-believers as a threat, so much so that they start making excuses to justify their own hatred and bigotry. I pity the black leaders who’ve already forgotten the pain of discrimination and oppression in their frenzy to discriminate and oppress others.

I take heart in the fact that the vast majority of people I’ve known have shown far greater religious values (Christian or otherwise), tolerance, and understanding than people such as Bishop E.W. Jackson  and Rev. Cecil Blye and their ilk. They obviously learned all the wrong lessons from the Bible and Jesus’ teachings.