Trump Talks to Taiwan

So everyone (read: left wing wackadoodles and Communist China lackeys) are having fits because Trump spoke with Taiwan’s President.

You know what I think? Good. About time an American President stopped molly coddling China. They want to play with the big boys then they better learn to deal with the consequences. Besides where were these whiners when the Obama administration authorized billions in weapons sales to Taiwan? They don’t consider that upsetting the Chinese but the president-elect talking to one who will soon be a political peer somehow sparks notions of war?

The Taiwan issue has been a topic that has irked me for some time, namely the notion that a foreign (enemy) power (China) is dictating who we can be allied with (Taiwan). It’s time American politicians do what they’re supposed to: look out for America’s interests, not foreign powers. You can have differences and not have hostilities or open conflict.

While I still hav emy doubts about Trump, if he’s going to truly approach international politics with a different perspective than the past half century I’m all for it. The status quo only keeps the elite and corrupt in power and the world under their thumb. Time to shake things up and maybe approach things unhindered by “tradition” or appeasement.


China: U.S. Waging Internet War

China: U.S. ‘Internet War Being Waged Against Multiple Nations’

The Chinese military accused the U.S. on Friday of launching a global “Internet war” to bring down Arab and other governments, redirecting the spotlight away from allegations of major online attacks on Western targets originating in China.

This is one of those times where you can’t help but be amused by a nation’s hypocrisy, in this case China, over cyber warfare. As is typical of the Communist Chinese MO they conduct espionage, sabotage, or other sorts of aggression, overt and covert, and then try to claim to be a victim of, or champion for, others to deflect attention away from themselves and their own illicit activities. Problem is nobody is going to distracted.

What this is really about is China being pissed off on two fronts: a) the more public revelation of the existence of their Blue Army[1] cyberwarfare unit, and b) the United States Defense Department planning to make (or already has made) a policy in which a cyber attack proven to from a foreign power would be considered an act of war. The former reason angers the Chinese because it puts to lie (once again) China’s public proclamations of peaceful intentions in the world. The latter reason hinders how far the Chinese government can at currently attempt to hack U.S. systems without being blamed for potentially provoking a war (however unlikely that is with the currently weak willed U.S. administration and legislature). The Chinese, for all their posturing about being outside the world’s realpolitik, rely heavily on pretending to be the poor misunderstood reformed communist dictatorship oppressed by the evil West to garner sympathy and deflect attention away from its own imperialistic activities.

Ironically, in China’s latest attempt to deflect any criticism away from itself, it is hurting its image in the Arab world. How? By implying that the Arab people’s desire to get rid of their corrupt governments is not legitimate and is in fact a conspiracy by Western powers (read: United States) to undermine such efforts. That can’t possibly read well on the Arab streets of Egypt, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, and elsewhere where people rose up to legitimately protest corruption and other socio-economic problems and were met with bloodshed and violence. In effect, China is telling the people of the Arab world who support and continue to participate in the so-called Arab Spring that it supports the governments that oppress them. So much for China’s image of benevolence. The Arab world isn’t foolish enough to believe for a moment that China has Arab best interests at heart, something they already know from dealing with the West.

[1] The Blue Army is a designation not only of the cyber warfare unit in the Chinese military but of a special forces branch. Presumably the cyber warfare unit is part of this greater Blue Army unit China claims only exists during training.

New Commentary 26 March 2009

Old news: Geithner is a moron who should be fired.

Old news: POTUS went on TV again. I didn’t watch since I had better things to do, like visit struggling family, than listen to more whining about the country’s problems everyone else’s fault and drivel supporting bogus programs from a do-nothing media whore while answering canned questions from the lazy MSM.

Rep Frank says Fed’s emergency power a concern | Politics | Reuters

“I think it does have to be limited at some point, although not in the middle of the crisis,” Frank said.

I’m shocked to say that I agree with Barney Frank on this, inept and corrupt politician that he is. I guess even idiots like him can get something right once in a blue moon.

China tells U.S. to drop Cold War mindset on military | Politics | Reuters

Maybe Obama can make a deal with China. They get out of Tibet, stop oppressing their people, especially the minorities and the opposition, allow freedom of all religions, hold free and open elections and in return the U.S. will drop it’s “Cold War” mindset. Oh wait, that would mean the end of Chinese Communism and threats against Taiwan. Can’t have that now, can we?

Hidden homeless emerge as U.S. economy worsens | U.S. | Reuters

The homeless have always been there. Americans just ignored them or treated them like criminals. Now they can’t ignore them or treat them like criminals because they may end up like them. I hate to break it to those in Sacremento, that tent city has been there for a while. BBC America covered it several weeks before Obama was even elected.

U.S. shares blame for Mexico drug violence, Clinton says –

Meh. Yes there is a drug problem in the U.S. Too bad Clinton’s statements have little to nothing to do with it. Just more government smoke and mirrors to justify attempts at suppressing American citizens rights and interfering in the affairs of our southern neighbor.

Del Norte must “save” Mexico! And then we’re coming to “save” you too, Central and South America! /sarcasm 

Unfortunately it really isn’t all that funny if the U.S. government tries to use the so called War on Drugs as an excuse to go after other nations in the Western hemisphere. Sounds familiar, no?

News Commentary 08 Sept 2008

Canada’s Conservatives could be headed for big win | International | Reuters Interesting. Didn’t think the Libs were in such trouble in Canada. But then the Green party seems to have imploded up there as well.

McCain, Obama deadlocked in presidential race – I take the shift om the polls as a good sign for McCain/Palin but it’s way too early to say who’ll win the election, especially with the constantly changing economy and world political situation. Also, CNN’s explanation for why their poll is so different from other polls is some what questionable. Given recent problems of bias at NBC and MSNBC I do wonder at CNN’s impartiality. As a side note: I do keep wondering why the Obama supporters are comparing Obama to Palin considering Obama is running against McCain.

Iran calls for oil output cut ahead of OPEC meeting – Just another reason the U.S. needs to get off oil, foreign or otherwise and switch to new resources. The fact that OPEC members, aside from Saudi Arabia, want to keep oil prices at $100/barrel or more should be reason enough to change. Better to change than be bled dry by other nations that would prefer the U.S. be crippled or destroyed anyway.

What the rescue means for borrowers – Sep. 7, 2008 While I understand the reasons for the government deciding to bail Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out, it rankles me whenever U.S. taxpayers have to pay (and they eventually will) for these companies inability to run themselves. Worse if the fact that it will do little to nothing to end the housing problem in this country.

‘Harry Potter’ author wins copyright claim – Sep. 8, 2008 Not unexpected ruling since Rowling is the creator of the series. The only thing I disliked was Rowling supporting the website when it benefited her and then turned on them. This is her right of course but also a reminder of fans to never trust creators no matter how supportive and friendly they seem unless you have written permission to create derivative work, even those based on fair use. I also seriously doubt she had creative difficulties because of the case as she lamely claims. That’s why I get some amusement at the relative pittance the judge ordered for damages.

Google turns 10, raises monopoly concerns – While it’s good Google has reached a milestone, the company has also become pretty questionable in their behavior (i.e. censorship, China, Chrome, questionable claims of ownership of others creative works, etc.).

Demo: UsableLogin lets you use one password for all sites | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone – CNET It sounds like it has potential, but I can’t help but wonder whether you really want a single password for everything. The company likes to claim it’s impossible for others to access but I have yet to see a security system a hacker could not crack. Can you say goodbye to all your online information in an instant?

China counts down to third manned space launch | Science | Reuters I notice the Chinese have become somewhat more conservative with their space flight plans.

Kazakhstan accuses Russia over space crash | Science | Reuters Definitely not a good thing to have Russian Proton rockets crashing near industrial centers, especially when the Kazakh president is in the region. Not sure how this going to effect changes Kazakhstan wants made over the use of Baikonur but I’m sure they’re going to demand greater safety and compensation for ecological damage.

World Conflict Today

Because, as much as we might want to allow the Olympics to erase the facts of what is going on in the world:

Russia-Georgia War

Global News Blog » Blog Archive » Cold War reheated as U.S. and Russia duke it out over Georgia | Blogs |

Russian military pushes into Georgia – And this for me is the last straw, if true that Russian troops have invaded an indisputably Georgian city. Russia has crossed a final line in my view by now invading Georgia proper and has lost any slim credibility about only intending to “bring peace” to the South Ossetia region. It’s looking more and more like Russia is beginning an attempt to rebuild it’s Soviet empire.

Georgia and Russia claim ‘mass arrests’ –

Russia calls for urgent meeting with NATO – China Daily – Russia Forces Move to Within 35 Miles of Tbilisi

RIA Novosti – World – U.S. military aircraft bring 800 Georgian troops home from Iraq

The Red Menace: Cyber Terrorists Attack Russian News Agency Not surprising given the Russian hackers (either civilians or government sanctioned) hacked Georgian sites shortly before the Russian invasion.

ITAR-TASS- Russia disappointed with UN Secretariat lack of understanding of Georgia-South Ossetian conflict

ITAR-TASS – Exercise of MMD antiaircraft battalions begins in Krasnodar Territory This could be relevant to the Russian-Georgian conflict as Krasnodar Krai borders both Ukraine and the Abkhazia region of Georgia. The exercises are scheduled to last until August 15. Worldwide – Russian Troops Launch Ground Offensive in Georgia (Update3)

Civil.GeCivil.Ge: Russia Says Senaki Takeover Part of Peacemaking Operation

Civil.Ge: ‘Russia Occupies Significant Part of Georgia’ – Saakashvili

Georgia to sue Russia in Hague International Criminal Court : Ukraine News by UNIAN This may explain another part of Russia’s invasion of Georgia if it is true Georgia has evidence of Russian attempts of genocide against Georgians in Abkhazia in 1992, especially given Russia’s sudden claims of Georgian genocide against Ossetians.

No servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces stay in Georgia : Ukraine News by UNIAN This further shatters Russian claims of mercenaries from Ukraine.

Ukraine may never feel safe any more – expert : Ukraine News by UNIAN

Side note: I was trying to access both Georgian and Russian news sites that I had viewed earlier shortly before posting here but now could not reach a number of them (including Civil Georgia, Izvestia, ITAR-TASS, and Novosti). I am assuming it’s the ongoing cyberspace war between Russian and Georgian hackers and their respective supporters and perhaps intentional cutting of internet access to prevent information from becoming internationally known.

ETA: Izvestia availability is erratic, presumably due to Georgian hackers.

ETA 2: Civil Georgia is now operating at the following site: due to DDOS attacks, presumably by Russian hackers.


Blasts kill two in China’s restive Xinjiang: report | Reuters

China investigating terrorist links in Xinjiang attack | International |

China’s Uighur rebels switch to suicide bombs – Times Online

News commentary…

IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China | Reuters
And the IOC wonders why people continue to criticize their activities with regards to how they run the Olympics, especially these Olympics and their double standards between nations on Olympic related issues.

Nano-foods: The next consumer scare? | U.S. | Reuters While I am not overly concerned about the safety of nano-foods the engineering side of me wants testing to be done to ensure such food is safe. It’s the lack of proper testing (or none at all in some cases) that has lead to catastrophic degradation of health to millions of people in the past. It is precisely because of this lack of long term testing I avoid GM foods and now will likely try to avoid these so called nano-foods as well. At the very least the FDA should require labels identifying GM, nano- and irradiated food if nothing more than to let the consumers make an informed choice.

House approves benefits for military ‘sole survivors’ – Sometimes the House does the right thing, even if some penny pinching geek in the Defense Department could not.

Analysis: Obama, McCain both have lobbyist ties – Something for everyone to keep in mind this Presidential campaign.