Woe to the Republic: SCOTUS Betrays America

When I was a child, I had no doubts what so ever that the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States would always make the correct decision, a decision that balanced the rights of the individual American citizen with the principles and Rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Until recently, I still believed in the wisdom and guidance of the SCOTUS. But that belief and support was heavily eroded by decision that curtailed individual property rights in favor of corporate controlled politicians, of declaring corporations not only equal to an individual person but by their decision gave de facto greater rights to corporations over that of the common man, and the destructive and corruptive Citizen’s United decision. 

The Supreme Court has betrayed America. Today the SCOTUS made a decision that has ended my belief that the Justices make decisions based on preserving U.S. citizens rights and preserving the Constitution. Today, the SCOTUS said the individual mandate in ObamaCare will stand. In other words, Americans are property– slaves to the whims of the corrupt, vindictive, and greedy politicians and bureaucrats of the U.S. government.

That’s right my fellow citizens, we’ve returned to bad old days of slavery except this time it’s not limited to one race or area of the country, it’s all of us. Worse, this new incarnation of slavery is codified in law and approved by the very Court that is supposed to help prevent the rise of dictatorship in our government. With this ruling, the SCOTUS has said the government can force any American to buy a product by including a “tax”, as the SCOTUS so quaintly justified their traitorous decision, as punishment for refusal to partake in what ever commerce they demand of you.

Is this the America you want? The next time a corporation or bank has financial trouble, do you really want the government to be able to order you to buy that corporation’s or bank’s product? Well, that’s exactly the dangerous precedent the SCOTUS  made today. In the yes of the government, you are not a citizen, or an individual, you are property. And believe me, there are plenty of wanna-be dictators in our government who will look to use this decision to strip away Americans of their rights and freedoms. All one need do to see evidence of this is to look at the previously mentioned curtailments of property rights and granting supremacy of corporate personhood over the individual to see the path to a dictatorship in this country is fast approaching.

The question is this: will Americans stand for this or fight back against the forces within our nation that want to destroy it for their personal wealth and power? A part of me wants to give up and leave the country as it looks less and less like the nation of opportunity, change, and freedom of my youth. But a bigger part of me wants to fight back and reclaim my country and turn it back to a beacon of freedom and liberty and individuality. I for one, will fight, be it at the ballot box, in the courts, or, if it comes to this terrible last resort, in the streets against the rise of dictatorship in this nation. Despite the corruption of our government, I think America is still worth fighting for.

What will you do, my fellow Americans?

The only good thing about the decision by the SCOTUS: it revealed Obama’s blatant lie that the individual mandate was not a tax. The SCOTUS clearly stated it mandate was (even though they ignore basic economic principle that you are a not a participant in an economic activity if you chose not to partake in said activity). That makes Obama, Pelosi and Reid LIARS! Seems that Representative who called Obama a liar was absolutely correct.

Woe to the Republic!

SCOTUS Strikes Down MT 100 Year Old Anti-Corruption Law

A bad decision by the SCOTUS occured to day, though many have missed it given the Court’s decision on Arizona’s SB1070.

The SCOTUS struck down Montana’s century old law, the Corrupt Practices Act of 1912, limiting corporate political spending, arguing that the Citizen’s United ruling applies to the Montana law. Sadly this decision was made in the face of overwhelming historical evidence of Montana’s position that the independent expenditures corrupt or create the appearance of corruption.

It still boggles my mind that the SCOTUS says corporations have free speech or even accept the notion of corporate personhood when by their very definition a corporation is not a person but a legal construct of an organization form with government approval to act as an artificial person to carry on business or other activities. On several counts by definition makes it clear that a corporation is not a person.

I still have to wonder what is going on in the Supreme Court with ridiculous rulings over the past decade giving more and more rights and powers to corporations while eroding the rights of the citizens of the United States. Sure I’ve been warning people to be alert for growing corporate hegemony (and often laughed at for these claims) yet here we are with more and more rulings asserting the right of corporate supremacy over that of the citizen and individual.

Az Legislature Fail Day: Minimum Wage and “Wrongful Birth”

Unfortunately I can’t blame some of the stupidity and ignorance coming out of the Arizona Legislature on the recent coronal mass ejections (aka solar flares).

Minimum Wage

Arizona minimum wage may lower to federal level

Arizona’s minimum-wage law is more generous than the federal standard. But a measure advancing in the state Legislature would remove that distinction and effectively end the rate voters approved six years ago.

On Monday, the House gave preliminary approval to House Concurrent Resolution 2056, which would ask voters in November to tie Arizona’s minimum wage to the federal level. Currently, Arizona requires a minimum of $7.65 an hour; the federal rate is $7.25.

Why am I not surprised that the insipid monkeys that make up the Arizona Legislature is once again not focusing on the issues Arizona citizens want addressed. I think they’ll be hard pressed to find any citizens that support the lowering of minimum wage (i.e. targeting and attacking the wages) of the poor and increasing numbers of underemployed individuals in this state. Fortunately it doubt this will pass if it gets put on the November ballot (which would be required in this case) as the average Arizonan isn’t going to buy the idea that the State’s higher than Federal minimum wage is somehow hurting businesses. And if a business can’t make it on a forty cent per hour difference in wages then those businesses are clearly failing anyway.

“Wrongful Birth” Bill

The very term “wrongful birth”  tells me that the woman behind this bill (Nancy Barto), as well as her supporters, are complete and utter morons. I say if they pass this bill than we should make retroactive abortions legal to eliminate the idiots who create bills like this one.

Arizona Senate Passes Bill Allowing Doctors To Not Inform Women Of Prenatal Issues To Prevent Abortions | Addicting Info

It’s called a “wrongful birth” bill and it’s all about preventing women from having an abortion, even if it kills them. The Arizona Senate passed a bill this week that gives doctors a free pass to not inform pregnant women of prenatal problems because such information could lead to an abortion.

I don’t care if you are for or again abortions, no one has the right to deny any woman medical information regarding their pregnancy or the status of their fetus. For that matter no patient should be denied medical information regarding their state of their body and health, especially for such an obviously political move as the one this bill is pushing for.

The bill may protect doctors from lawsuits for not informing women of their medical issues, but they can still be charged with an assortment of murder related charges (negligent homicide or manslaughter would be appropriate I think) if the denied information could have saved the mother or a child’s life.

The author of the article put it best:

This is an egregious bill that will lead to higher mortality rates for infants and mothers. Doctors should be held accountable for not disclosing information learned from prenatal examinations. Pregnant women have the right to know if their future child is going to have a disability or if the pregnancy may require an induced abortion to save their lives. Any decision that is made as a result of the information is the mothers own. Doctors should not be allowed to make decisions for pregnant women as a way to prevent abortions. Women have the right to make their own health decisions and hiding critical information is irresponsible, unconscionable, and risks lives. In the end, Republicans are only putting more lives in jeopardy. They might as well call this the ‘let women die’ bill.

This bill is why I am pro-choice even though I would never personally have an abortion. The hatred towards women clearly demonstrated by this bill disgusts me to no end. These radical anti-abortionists would rather see people (mothers and children alike) suffer and/or die than allow abortions to remain legal.

Get the fuck over it already! I’m tired of extremist assholes from the right and left wing trying to push their views on everyone else. Stay the fuck out of my life and I’ll stay the fuck out of yours. Deal?

Protect Voters’ Right Investigated

Group that funded DiCiccio recall attempt investigated

“The fact that PVR formed at or around the same time as Save Phoenix Taxpayers and was the largest contributor to the political committee does not mean PVR is a sham entity or that it violated the law,” Desai wrote in a letter to the Secretary of State.

No, but it is highly suspicious if it is also true that all but about $100 dollars of Save Phoenix Taxpayers DiCiccio recall campaign was funded by Scott Phelps’ Protect Voters’ Rights (PVR) organization. That sounds sounds worthy of investigating given the Supreme Court of the United States’ questionable ruling:

Groups like Protect Voters’ Rights have become more prevalent after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The court ruled that corporations and unions could spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections as long as they don’t coordinate with a campaign or give directly to a candidate.

The question, and investigation, is over whether PVR illegally coordinated a political campaign effort by created a sham company. All groups such as these, regardless of political stripe, should be investigated and if found to be violating the law prosecuted and punished so that elections don’t become any more corrupt than  they have already have thanks to the SCOTUS’s poor decision.

As to Save Phoenix Taxpayers, I figured the group was a sham anyway. I was approached three separate times to support the recall effort. In each instance when I asked them to give me legitimate, non-politically motivated reasons (i.e. illegal activity, failure to perform the duties of their office, etc.) to have DiCiccio recalled none could do so. The worst was the third individual who claimed he was only collecting signatures for a paycheck and had no interest in the recall effort what so ever. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the organization there.

Obama Approves GMO Corn and Herbicide Over Public Health and Food Safety

Wholesale Approval of Genetically Engineered Foods — Obama Administration Disappoints/Angers Public | Cornucopia Institute

While the USDA attempts to assure the public that 2,4-D is safe, scientists have raised serious concerns about the safety of this herbicide, which was used as a key ingredient in “Agent Orange,” used to defoliate forests and croplands in the Vietnam War.

I’m not surprised in the least that Obama has once more sold out the American public to his corporate donors. This time he’s just being thorough by polluting the entire food supply, destroying organic growers and leaving future generations to suffer from cancers and deformations as a result of these dangerous chemicals and frankenfood. Just another reason to make sure Obama is denied a second term as President.

Woe to the Republic: NDAA, SOPA, and Obama

Obama’s campaign for class resentment – The Washington Post

In Kansas, Obama lamented that millions “are now forced to take their children to food banks.” You have to admire the audacity. That’s the kind of damning observation the opposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years. Yet Obama summoned it to make the case for his reelection!

Why? Because, you see, he bears no responsibility for the current economic distress. It’s the rich. And, like Horatius at the bridge, Obama stands with the American masses against the soulless plutocrats.

This is populism so crude that it channels not Teddy Roosevelt so much as Hugo Chavez. But with high unemployment, economic stagnation and unprecedented deficits, what else can Obama say?

He can’t run on stewardship. He can’t run on policy. His signature initiatives — the stimulus, Obamacare and the failed cap-and-trade — will go unmentioned in his campaign ads. Indeed, they will be the stuff of Republican ads.

What’s left? Class resentment. Got a better idea?

While I often find myself disagreeing with Mr. Krauthammer’s interpretation of things in this article he is correct in questioning Obama’s ridiculous attempt to stir up class warfare in an attempt to get himself reelected. As noted in the article, Obama himself claimed he should be a one term president if he hadn’t fixed the economy. Of course, in true corrupt Washington elitist fashion, Obama has no intention of not running for a second term. So for the next eleven or so months we get to listen to the old Obama lies and deflections about how he did everything right at it’s everyone else’s fault that things are going wrong.

Sadly I have little hope anything will get better with the corrupt officials in Washington, especially with the passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and SOPA.

Most concerning to me are the detainee related provisions in the 2012 NDAA. While the government claims that there should be no concern over violating civil rights, I simply no longer trust the government, especially as corrupt and full of would be dictators as we have right now. All we need do is look to the abuses, failures and corruption running rampant in the DOJ, DHS, ICE, and TSA to see that the government is not trustworthy when it comes to guaranteeing and protecting American civil liberties, civil rights, and justice.

If there’s something the Occupiers and TEA Party should be united on it is opposition to the NDAA (as noted in Wendy Kaminer’s What Occupiers and Tea Partiers Should Fear Most – Wendy Kaminer – National – The Atlantic) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

At issue with the NDAA is Section 1031 which allows the indefinite detainment of terrorist suspects, including American citizens, without trial. This doesn’t sound bad to most people until you consider the full ramifications that you need only be deemed a suspect to be held, potentially without the ability to confront your accusers. Worse is knowing some wanted indefinite detention to be applied to American citizens and that these same people are still in the House and Senate. It simply saddens me to see the nation I love slipping further into fascism and dictatorship every under the guise of security and protection.

So then we have SOPA, a bill that ostensibly was to protect copyrighted material and such. Unfortunately, in true corrupt fashion, our politicians are using it to cripple the internet in favor of corporate special interests. I’m all for ending piracy and intellectual property theft but the manner in which SOPA goes about addressing the issue could easily lead to censorship, crippling free speech, and crippling business under a flood of lawsuits. SOPA is especially suspect in that it seems to target open source software projects, cripple US based internet companies (such as cloud computing and web hosting). It’s basically a giant mess that seems to be written not with fairness and neutrality in mind, but in ensuring hegemonic corporate control over internet content. Sadly, it will do nothing to stop online piracy. In it’s current state it appears it will only create problems for internet based businesses and websites as the concept of Net Neutrality is gutted for the corporations bottom line.

Regime Change 2012
Throw All The Bums Out!

Occupy Wall Street: Some Thoughts on Perception and Focus

Occupy Phoenix prostesters demand release of those arrested

Reporters and protesters on the scene saw an estimated 40 people detained at Margaret T. Hance Park just north of downtown Phoenix. In a Sunday morning news release, Phoenix police said 45 arrests had been made for criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

If they were arrested for violating the law then the Occupy Phoenix protesters have no right to complain about the police enforcing the law. The article clearly states, and isn’t disputed by any other reports I’ve read from Occupy Phoenix participants and supporters, that the protesters were informed of the regulation and chose to refuse to obey it. If anything all indications are that the police and protesters were cooperating nicely with one another throughout the day and early evening.

When the Occupy Wall Street protests started I had no problem with them. They did have legitimate points about the banks manipulating parts of the economy into collapse by fueling speculation on oil and commodities, as well as how these same banks profited from foreclosures and tax payer bailouts, the undue political influence that corporations have been given over the voice of the people (the Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling), and the return of stricter oversight and regulation (such as the Glass-Steagal Act). These are among the same issues that brought so much attention and popular support to the T.E.A. Party before it was hijacked by special interests.

Unfortunately I now see OWS as being hijacked as well as they have a growing litany of complaints that are more akin to Marxist-Leninist socialist/communist dogma and anarchy than legitimate complaints. Among the demands I’ve heard/read around the news and internet (some good, some bad):

  1. Free college education.
  2. Forgiveness of all student loans.
  3. Forgiveness of all mortgages.
  4. Protect unions
  5. Stop outsourcing
  6. End the War on Drugs
  7. Education reform
  8. End capital punishment
  9. Equal pay
  10. REX 84 repeal
  11. Re0investigate the 9-11 attacks
  12. Ending American Imperialism

Now these are all well and good, whether you agree with them or not, but many of the demands now have little to nothing to do with the direct complaint that the leaders of the financial industry were not held to account for their industries actions, not were the regulatory commissions and the government officials (elected and bureaucratic) that created the conditions that led to the collapse of the U.S. economy. Worse, OWS is targeting the wrong crowd: the bankers rather than the politicans in Washington D.C. Another major flaw to some of the demands are when the issues are self-inflicted such as personal debt due to individuals choosing to spend beyond their means by choosing to have credit cards, student loans, and mortgages. In those cases, sympathy for their cause is lost by generations of Americans who’ve taken responsibility for their debt and worked through it regardless of whether financial times were booming or, as now, a bust.

Worse, when you add in their top speakers at the assorted rallies are avowed anti-capitalist, communists, socialists, and anarchists it makes it neigh impossible for the common American citizen to feel any connection with them. Then comes the perceived hostile environment of the OWS protesters towards the media, the wealthy, or anyone else they view as the “enemy” (usually anyone who questions their intent). Add to it those extremists amongst OWS who seem to be trying to incite violent clashes and disrupt the general public and you’ve a recipe for failure.

If OWS wishes to get the support of the people they need to focus their message back on issues that the average American is concerned about instead of the demands that are perceived as either socialist/communist dogma or whining by liberal elitists upset over the rejection of their agenda by the public. Do as the T.E.A. Party did before it was corrupted by the right wing elements of the nation. OWS protesters needs to reject the extremists among them, the general hostility they have towards anyone not deemed “one of them”, and the radicalization; focus back on issues all Americans can agree on: the lack of oversight by the government, the corruption of the political and financial system and the ways to correct these problems.

Engendering class, social, economic, and ideological warfare will not win the day, only inclusion, respect, genuine dialogue and genuine cooperation will result in success. Look to grow and build, not redistribute and destroy.

So, those are just some of my rambling thoughts on Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Phoenix. Take them for what you will.