2016 Presidential Election

First off, I offer my congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump. As I did with Obama, I hope that Mr. Trump has a successful presidency that benefits the United States.

I don’t particularly like Mr. Trump, but then I rather disliked all the candidates of this election cycle. I did, however, pick Trump to win the election back in March 2016. I think he won largely due to those “long political shadows” I mentioned in that post (i.e. decades of declining middle class, Mrs. Clinton’s ongoing political and legal woes, associations with unpopular organizations, individuals, and legislation, Benghazi, etc., etc.) combined with the arrogance and dismissiveness of the Democratic Party, Clinton’s election machine, and the main stream media towards Middle America.

So naturally, the public (Middle America) decided to remind everyone that they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t get me wrong. Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the far more important electoral college vote to Trump. Of course this has liberals gnashing their teeth and calling it unfair. Obviously, they failed their social studies classes or need a refresher. The electoral college system has worked (and continues) to work as it was intended: to prevent a small number of highly concentrated population centers from being able to dictate to the rest of the nation by simple majority rule style democracy.

Typically, the majority vote would coincide with the electoral counts, but as we have seen in the past occasionally that is not the case. And in those cases was ultimately a result of the arrogance of the losing party thinking they could ignore certain members of the citizenry in favor of others.

Hubris was Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party, and the so called political elite’s analysts and polls downfall this election cycle, and I admit I am smiling from ear to ear about their comeuppance. Don’t take that to mean I’m particularly giddy about Trump and the Republicans, but they played it smart this campaign cycle being notably less presumptive about victory when dealing with the American public.

Foot In Mouth: Biden on voter ID laws

Vice President Joe Biden said Republican-controlled states like Wisconsin were leading an “assault” on voting rights designed to “repress minority voting” through their passage of laws that require people to present a photo ID to vote.

Too bad Vice President Biden has no idea what he is talking about when he trots out the leftist myth that voter id laws are used to repress minorities. The leftist case against voter IDs is further undermined by the federal 2002 law, the Help America Vote Act, and numerous court cases upholding rather strict identification laws in states like Indiana. In other words, more leftist scare tactics to try to cow and control the Democratic base and stir up potential supporters/voters.

It’s rather insulting when political parties think they need to instill fear in order to get support, but sadly it is too often effective. But that is another discussion entirely.

I, my brother, and several others in my voting district were victims of voter fraud several years ago during off-year elections (i.e. midterm elections) in which others posed and voted in our stead. This of course was only discovered because when we showed up to vote, we were listed as having already voted with some scribbled signatures next to our name. We were allowed to vote on temporary ballots, but everyone knows that those never get counted unless a race is extremely tight, which is a rare event. Additionally, in later years my name showed up on petitions (that were dismissed) I did not sign.

So in effect, I was potentially, If not outright, denied my vote by someone else because no one bothered to confirm who the people voting were. This blatant voter fraud did not happen in later elections at that particular polling place as they simply demanded everyone show their state voter registration card (which everyone at the time got for free and I believe still do) or picture identification. That’s not to say there weren’t any other questionable voting practices, only that such flagrant violations were addressed.

Obviously as a result of my personal experience I am a firm believer in requiring verifiable identification in order to be allowed in elections of any sort in the United States. I believe most Americans agree with this position as well.

Do I think there is rampant voter fraud in the United States. No. Rather I think there is rampant corruption with numerous groups across the political spectrum trying to sway and steal elections in ways both obvious (intimidation, defamation/slander, judicial activism) and subtle (gerrymandering, ethno-centrist pandering, legislative maneuvering, propagandist or politically slanted “news”) to steal the voice of the legitimate voting public.

Burris to take Senate seat

Burris Expected to Take Senate Seat

I feel sorry for Burris in some ways for all the hullabaloo over his selection as the junior senator of Illinois. I’m sure he is qualified for the position, but he really should have known not to accept the toxic seat until Blago was dealt with.

Well the Democrats pretty much just handed over Congress to the Republicans in 2010. You don’t start off the administration of “Change” by giving any sort of credibility to a corrupt governor’s appointment. That’s a message the GOP is going to hammer the DP with, especially if the DP Congress pushes the leftist plans so many Americans are against: card check, auto industry bailout, massive increased budget deficit under the dubious notion of spending into prosperity, et. al., as well as pushes the “only government can solve this problem” hooey,  while the economy continues to flounder as a result of failed government oversight of both the Bush Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress over the past two years (if not longer given concerns about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).

In any case, both parties are corrupt and have no intention of doing what is the best for America. They’ll only do what’s best for their political careers, their petty agendas, and their own pocketbooks. Even Obama is already turning into another poll watching President (elect), more concerned about people’s opinions rather than reasonable and viable solutions.

Now, something that concerns me is Mr. Obama’s selection of a known socialist, Carol Browner, as the so called Global Warming Czar. She may be perfectly qualified for the position but I do not trust an individual that was part of a socialist organization (Socialist International) that call for “global governance” of all countries as well as allowed rampant discrimination while head of the EPA. Discrimination it should be noted that was so severe that new protections were put into law as a result.

More curious (and suspicious in my book) is the sudden disappearance of her name from the SI web site’s list of leaders. Also suspicious is this supposed socialist and environmentalist’s membership as a board member of an environmental commodities market firm as well as previously being a lobbyist. (Sounds suspicious since it allows for profiting off questionable cap-and-trade programs being touted.)

I only trust environmentalists and environmental policy based on objectivity and science not ones based on personal profit and political agendas. Ms. Browner, given her past, is one I definitely do not trust and will be keeping an eye on. I suspect she’s just another political and corporate highjacker of the environmental movement.