Who’s Afraid of Virginia Foxx? Foxx’s ‘No Tolerance’ for Grad’s Student Loans

Representative Virginia Foxx: ‘No Tolerance’ For Graduates With Big Student Loans To Pay

“I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that,” Foxx continued. “We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that. I remind folks all the time that the Declaration of Independence says ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ You don’t sit on your butt and have it dumped in your lap.”

No reason for that? Uh huh.

Mrs, Foxx reveals her true nature as an entitled elitist politicians with no comprehension, understanding, or awareness of how the average American lives. She lives in the D.C. echo chamber of self-delusion and ignorance of the world around her. She claims we are a nation of opportunity. We are not nor have been for quite some time. People like her have made it increasingly difficult to near impossible to even find an opportunity let alone exploit said opportunity through numerous rules and regulations that have done nothing but hinder opportunity. She pontificates on how she worked her way through school, didn’t take a dime, and the usual blather I have dubbed the “Elitist Echo” about how people today are just lazy and expect everything handed to them. What makes this pretty reprehensible is the fact that this elitist fool sits on the  Subcommittee for Higher Education.

Where was her outrage over the years about increasing tuition costs? Why was her committee doing nothing to make college more affordable? Why does she have no understanding that college costs are somewhere like 1700% more than when she went to college? Why did she and her elitist colleagues allow the economy to collapse and then bail out those responsible for the collapse without a single concern for the average American? Will Mrs. Foxx take responsibility for her part in destroying good paying jobs for college grads who are now unemployed or underemployed because Congress allowed their positions to be outsourced, downsizes, or even eliminated for no other reason than Congressional and Corporate greed? Ultimately it is the availability of jobs that determine whether one can pay their debts. Our economy is in the tank, therefor no jobs. Perhaps the Congresswoman should spend her time working to better the economy than whining about those scrabbling to get ahead despite her and her colleagues efforts to undermine the working people of America.

I know many college grads who are unemployed or underemployed. They didn’t ask for it. They’ve worked hard and were screwed over despite their efforts. I would suggest Mrs. Foxx and her fellow political elite in Washington on both sides of the isle stop denigrating people (their constituents) over their college debt and instead look to their own guilt in wracking up trillions of dollars in debt in their wasteful spending of taxpayer money. When she and her fellow elitist scum have eliminated the national debt they have incurred while in office, then she can question others about their personal debts.

Hypocrisy thy name is Rep. Virginia Foxx.

Obama’s Ohio “Economy Speech”

Text – Obama’s Economy Speech in Ohio – NYTimes.com

Too bad most of it was the usual tired slogans of his Presidency. More political pandering and incitement of class warfare with a hint of desperation to it given the political season.

I don’t know what parallel universe President Obama lives in if he honestly thinks free market capitalism, limited government, smaller budgets, and low tax rates have “failed” when our corrupt political leaders have yet to implement any single one of these things preferring instead to stick to pork laden budgets and corporate welfare (bailouts and “stimulus” bills) while looking for more ways to raise the cost of living and taxes to unbearable and unsustainable levels. Perhaps if there had been even a halfhearted attempt at any one of these I would agree with him, but it this case obviously not. All I heard was excuses and attempts to justify his failed socialistic notions of wealth redistribution and anti-business policies while blaming others, namely the GOP, instead of accepting responsibility. Better still, he should have acknowledged his mistaken policies and moved to correct them.

Perhaps the President should have been worried about the economy months ago instead of treating his office as his own personal four year vacation and narcissistic media tour at tax payer expense. No one cares what he “inherited”. All Presidents inherit their office from the previous President’s dating back to the nation’s founding. He should stop whining about it and get to work in that place called the White House instead of wasting time proclaiming he’s “working on it” while wasting time and money at political rallies.

But then my reactions may be just my cynicism towards an elitist President who thinks it is a good thing to throw citizens (like those in Arizona) under the bus because he wants to pander to a voting block rather than enforce U.S. law (such as those concerning illegal immigration) or bail out his union buddies and corporate fat cats while claiming to oppose them. Its so obvious the Democrats are scared the forthcoming November elections are going to hurt their party. Rightly so given their arrogance over the past two years.

I just want all the scumbags thrown out, Democrat or Republican, for what they’ve done to the American people and the nation. Once the corrupt are gone and replaced by constitutionally minded, fiscally conservative individuals we can get back to correcting the problems in this nation.

Time’s Running Out…

Senate GOP again kills jobless aid extension

1 effin’ vote?

The GOP is putting the noose around their necks to commit political suicide with this over one vote for needed aid. It’s not like it’s the pork spending both parties love to tack on every budget or when bailing out corporations. Any good will garnered for their opposing wild spending and exploding government size and control will be gone if this extension doesn’t pass this week, before the July 4th break. Do the DC politicians really want to tell millions of Americans just before one of the nation’s most important holidays, the holiday the commemorates the nation’s founding, that going on vacation is more important to them than the American people? Really? Political suicide. No amount of weaseling by ignorant officials will change that fact. No blaming the other party will work either. Americans will be angry and rightly so at such blatant and arrogant disregard for the public by the Senate.

I stand by my pledge that if the extension isn’t passed by the Fouth of July I’m declaring my independence from incumbents. It doesn’t pass, so to shall the careers of all incumbents end at the ballot box in retaliation. Seeing the straights some people are in makes this for me the final straw. Even if they pass the extension afterwards I will do eveything I am able to assist in defeat in every incumbent regardless of party or affiliation.

Maybe I’m tilting at windmills, but enough is enough. It’s time to end this nonsensical political posturing by the demagogues of the parties and free the country from their destructive behavior and actions. The democrats have become socilaists and the republicans corporate monarchis. Meanwhile the people just want their federal republic back where in belongs, in their hands.

Are you listening, Senators McCain and Kyl? Doubtful. But you can’t say people didn’t warn you about the consequences of your hypocrisy and arrogance.

Credit Checks for Employment

States may ban credit checks on job applicants – U.S. business- msnbc.com

It’s strange in a way to see an issue I’ve talked about since the mid-1990s with my friends and family now becoming so prevalent. The issue: credit score checks being used as employment screening. For years, I’ve been warning those around me that credit scores were going to be used to commit economic discrimination against people. Now, apparently many more believe this to be the case as well, enough so that a number of states may ban credit checks on job applications. It’s about time.

I agree credit checks should be in place for those seeking employment in the financial and security fields, but fail to see how credit checks apply to the overwhelming majority of jobs. There’s no real recourse for the job seeker. It’s not like you can really refuse the credit check since most employers will simply pass you over in favor of looking over someone else who is more submissive. Employers may not admit that outright, but for those intent on snooping on their potential employees they’ll simply move on to another applicant and perhaps try to question your honesty and integrity in an attempt to shame you into acquiescence and surrender of your privacy.

For that matter, the justification behind such credit checks by some that it is a mark of the potential employee’s character, integrity, or skill is nonsense and a sophomoric conclusion at best. Without knowledge of the individual’s situation and circumstances one can not make such broad and sweeping judgments upon another. That is akin to coming to the inane conclusion that all young men are criminals because a small number of young men committed robbery. Worse still is the implied notion that one with bad credit is somehow akin to a convicted criminal and undeserving of work in order to rectify their dismal financial situation.

By the twisted “reasoning” that a good credit score equates out to a person with good character and integrity then all the conniving, greedy pigs in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street are paragons of virtue. Yeah, we all know how true that is. Don’t we? I’m looking at you Mr. Madoff, SEC, House Finance Committee, Bernanke, Geithner, taxpayer funded overpaid corporate execs, AIG, GM, et al., as well as those corrupt small business owners out there that cook their books while acting holier than thou in their hiring practices.

How does making it more difficult for one in dire financial straits improve their chances of fixing their situation? Quite simply, it does not. It is my hope that one day credit score employment screenings will be banned.

U.S. Unemployment over 10%

I’m kinda of surprised it was finally admitted given the past few days of politicians and pundits claiming unemployment would not pass 10%. Unemployment rate jumps to 10.2 percent — DailyFinance

Anyone still trying to claim the recession is over really now needs to shut the hell up because they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. Especially with the bogus (tax payer funded pseudo) growth of 3.5% of July-September and the more than $300,000/per job spent on “creating” temporary jobs from the disastrous stimulus bill.

Arizona Aerospace Insitute

Mesa aerospace institute ready for liftoff | Mesa Arizona News – Mesa News – Mesa AZ news | eastvalleytribune.com

I hope this is successful because Arizona is doomed to perpetual mediocrity so long as our state economy is focused on tourism and service industries with their inherent low wages for workers instead of being focused on science, technology, and manufacturing industry to create well paying jobs. This is perhaps a step in that direction.

Fiscally Responsible or Economic Discrimination?

Tennessee looks to cap lottery winnings at $600 for poor

While I applaud any state looking to prevent fraud and waste in their budgets, I cannot help but wonder if a more sinister agenda is in play with this Tennessee bill. The bill seems odd primarily on two counts: targeting all those receiving welfare (even if working) and placing a limit on how much the individual could claim. It appears the bill is a draconian measure meant to ensure that those who are stuck on welfare remain there. It also appears that it would, in fact, harm scholarships and grant funds available from the state as a result of these lottery sales.

Why not simply ban the money from being able to buy lottery tickets outright? Thus those working poor could use their own money to by lottery tickets, should they choose to do so. Would it not be more reasonable that should one on welfare use welfare to buy a lottery ticket and they happen to win a large sum that they receive the winnings minus whatever amount of welfare they have received for the fiscal year at that point and are immediately removed from those welfare rolls? This should of course be contingent on the amount of money won, as it would be unfair to remove someone from welfare rolls for winning a small sum (say 10,000) compared to a larger sum (say 1 million+). Why not also require some sort of financial classes for winners so they are better educated in the decision they may make with any winnings they receive?

Should those on welfare be using their funds for lottery tickets? No, not in my opinion. But it’s far more dangerous to allow the government to decide such a thing for the poor, especially the working poor who simply do not make enough to survive on. It could start that state on a slippery slope of government interference in private citizens lives. Next the government could be decided to interfere with who and how unemployment insurance, medical insurance and decisions, and so on is used, further needlessly invading the American people’s lives. Citizens should not have their lives (and potentially their rights) infringed on simply because of their economic status.

The growing statist attitudes that “government knows best” that permeate all levels of government in this nation must stop before the nation takes the path of dictatorship as all statist regimes are wont to do. Perhaps, instead of wasting time employing statist ideology to restrict citizens, governments (if they insist on imposing themselves) should be looking for ways to uplift citizenry through education, training, and job assistance, so the poor may get off and stay off government welfare, preferably through charities and private organizations dedicated to such tasks.