Firefox 3 Sucks

Yes, I’m joining the multitude of others who feel the Firefox 3 browser is a piece of crap. All useless fluff and no go. You’d think after I held out for six plus months before “upgrading” (without consent and settings set to require approval, but that’s another thing I’m still trying to discover how it happened since I never approved a download/upgrade) the guys over at Mozilla would have fixed the problems people have been complaining about since day one of FF3’s release. Yeah they have some other issues, so I suppose I can be slightly forgiving.

What I hate most:

  1. New address bar. Have to use a plug in to go back to the nice clean address bar of FF 2. Awesomebar is actually Gimmicky Lamebar (or as many call it Awfulbar). Awesomebar FTL.
  2. Slow loading. All the time. If I wanted IE I would….well…I wouldn’t use that crappy browser either but you get what I mean.
  3. Bookmarks were ruined from a perfectly acceptable system in FF2.

There’s plenty more but my annoyance knows no bounds at this moment. I dread even looking at what it may do when I get around to seeing how it interacts with my websites. At least I was able to get an updated version of my favorite theme. I like my browsers clean, fast loading, and secure. Not this cluttered garbage everywhere clogging my browsing experience up.

Very disappointing.

ETA: #2 & #3 has been resolved…somewhat. Thank god the community seems more with it that Moz does. I’m still considering seriously dumping FF for now. Or spending the time DLing FF2 once more. Depends on whether my annoyance grows over the next few days or not.


ScribeFire Test

This is just a test post of ScribeFire to WordPress. Seems to work adequately.

ScribeFire seems like a nice enough Firefox add-on. Reasonably small and compact but containing the features I would personally expect for a browser add-on for blogging. Haven’t tried to attach any images or video yet, but seems to be pretty nice and easy for adding tags, categories, and so on.

So, let’s light this candle.