Georgia Immigration Bill and Napolitano’s Fantasy

Georgia Immigration Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Nathan Deal

“The falsity is that there has been nothing done, that the border somehow is out of control. That is incorrect,” she said.

Welcome to the immigration war, Georgia.

And people wonder why the majority of Arizonans were practically dancing in the streets when Napolitano was drafted by the Obama administration. By no means the worst Governor in Arizona history her leaving freed the state of her sanctuary policies and revealed her true allegiances as a Democratic Party loyalist rather than a representative and governor of the people of Arizona. No, the reality is that illegal immigration is rampant and destructive problem for the United States that the fools in Washington refuse to accept. Worse these same fools do not understand the definition of the word illegal.

I suppose the deaths of Border Patrol agents are okay with Napolitano according to her little fantasy world. So is the human trafficking, drug trafficking, rapes, threats and murders of American citizens happening as well. And then there are the financial costs to workers, tax payers, and states that must spend resources on the illegals as well that should be going to help citizens and legal residents of this nation.

But nope, in “Janet’s World” all is rainbows and fluffy bunnies. Facts contrary to this fantasy are just pesky annoyances that needs to be crushed with propaganda and political witch hunts.

More of the same

Russia: We did not fire on presidential motorcade – and Russia says U.S. mercenaries, others fought for Georgia | Reuters truly make me wonder at the paranoid wackos running Russia at the moment. Russia previously made claims about foreign mercenaries fighting in Georgia against the Russian invaders but quickly backtracked when no evidence was forthcoming. Convenient that Russian has now “found” such evidence. Show me the evidence and I might believe the Russians. Maybe. With a huge grain of propaganda wary salt. Funny how the Russians had no problem with using the Ossetians as mercenaries in their war against pro-Western Georgia.

In some ways I feel sorry for the Russian people now, being stuck with such poor, reactionary, and quite frankly backwards thinking leadership for their nation. They panic for no reason, threaten on a whim, and embarrass themselves when they can not follow through on either except to foment ethnic rivalries and bigotry. Yes, the new Russia has changed: into another country whose potential is being wasted by its corrupt leadership.

Russia-Georgia Conflict: Courts and Politics

Russia agrees troops pullout from Georgia: Sarkozy | Reuters Didn’t the Russians already say they had left Georgia proper? Again, I’ll believe it when I see it. And Russia needs to return to the pre-invasion borders, to whit: get out of Georgia and the disputed regions.

Bush administration yanks Russia nuclear pact | Politics | Reuters Perhaps a little punitive action will help Russia mend her ways. Or at least the ways of Medvedev and Putin. Probably not. Russia is under the mistaken notion that military power makes a nation a world power. Even the U.S. and China have realized economics is the true new path to power and influence in the world.

Russia says to send nuclear warship to Caribbean | Politics | Reuters
While some U.S. politicians are having a cow over this, it’s really nothing. If Russia is complaining about 5 NATO ships in the Blacksea, what does that say about their military’s weakness. Let’s be honest, Chavez’s Venezuela is doomed to failure precisely because of his communist policies and basing his country’s resurgence on oil and monetary giveaways to it’s neighbors that can not be sustained. Once the money disappears so to will Venezuela’s new found “friends”. Chavez is also deluded into thinking the U.S. want to invade Venezuela. Besides it is also time for U.S. politicians to start treating Central and South America as partners and equals, not lackeys and servants.

Georgia, Russia in Hague court over conflict | International | Reuters
Not really unexpected. I’ve speculated one of the reasons, though likely minor in comparison to other issues, Russia invaded Georgia was in retaliation for a Georgian claim that was to be filed at the International Court over alleged abuses in Ossetia and Abkhazia. Also given recent news, if true, that Russia has been harassing ethnic Georgians in Russia also raises further questions about the Russian government’s recent bizarre behavior.

News commentary

Russians protest over journalist’s shooting | International | Reuters
Another example of the Russian government’s attempts to quash any dissent. And then they wonder why some Ingushetians are demanding independence after what they saw happen in Georgia on top of murdering (in classic Soviet style) an opposition reporter.

Cheney’s Georgia trip brings message to Russia | Politics | Reuters Russia can say what it wants but the problem isn’t going away until they get out of Georgia.

Georgia crisis defines new Russian defense policy | International | Reuters I still laugh at Russia’s pitiable attempts to play the victim and justify its brutal actions in Georgia and elsewhere to make up for some perceived lack of stature on their part.

And just a special bit of laughable ego stroking: The Associated Press: Russia’s Putin tracks tiger in latest TV escapade and AFP: Putin saves journalists from tiger: report Curiously, there apparently is no actual video of Putin’s “heroism” and psuedo-machismo, likely because it didn’t really happen the way the Russian media claims.

BBC NEWS | Europe | New Russian world order: the five principles A very clear and concise list of Russian desires, but still couched in the terms of Russia’s way or else. We already know what the “else” is. Just look at Georgia. Which is why their five principles wont work while the childish “or else” caveat.

EU issues Russian troop ultimatum (3rd Lead)

The Associated Press: Palin says 17-year-old daughter is pregnant Really a non story except for the idiots who are trying to make political shrift out of this.

DailyTech – Report: NASA Looks Into Extending Shuttle Service Until 2015 I speculated NASA may take this path after problems arose. I still honestly don’t get this love some have for updated but otherwise still antiquated rocketry that will further increase orbital debris and therefor increase safety concerns and costs of future launches. I would have though second generation shuttle designs would have proven to be the better solution, though not necessarily the cheaper. But then I suppose that is the rub: money. It’s a pity that money has supplanted technological advancement. But then that’s the case in almost every industry in the US and why our economy and businesses are failing when put up against other nations.

Internet traffic begins to bypass the U.S. – CNET News This isn’t really surprising with the continued rise of China and other nations use in computers and the Internet, even if you ignore security concerns. Again it’s the shortsightedness on the part of American companies that have crippled them compared to their foreign competitors.

RNC Protests

As expected, the RNC protests started. And like the ones at the DNC there were some idiots amongst the legitimate protesters.

The Associated Press: Thousands gather for RNC protest

RNC protests grow violent – The Denver Post

Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters – Seems a bit too authoritarian but then given some of the violent protesters perhaps the police were correct in carrying out the raid.

I still get too much amusement by these so called “anarchists” and their need to organize in order to be anarchists.

World Conflict Today

Todays conflicts: Russia-Georgia (on going obviously), North Korea, DNC protests

Russia recognizes Georgia rebel regions | Reuters
No surprise there, but I still say Russia must cede North Ossetia to South Ossetia to prove they are just in it to ensure the Ossetians can be independent. I can guarantee the Russians aren’t going to do that. It’s just a Russian land grab (and a way to control resources in the region headed for Europe) and all the world knows it, despite claims to the contrary: Известия.Ру: Россия не собирается присоединять Абхазию и Южную Осетию (Trans. Russia will not join Abkhazia and South Ossetia) Interesting since Russia claims the Georgia invasion was to allow the Ossetians the right to self determination but Russia makes no mention of giving up Russian controlled North Ossetia for a unified Ossetian state. In other words, it’s all BS.

Russia condemned for recognizing rebel regions – And rightly so. And was noted the decision was “direct violation of numerous U.N. Security Council resolutions regarding Georgia’s territorial integrity.” Russia will face consequences from it’s recent actions, consequences I suspect they have not fully considered with respect to their relations in the world. As an interesting article at Russia Profile put it: What’s the Rush? (some interesting notes on China, potential disunity in the Putin/Medvedev regime, and discontent over the move by pro-Moscow loyalists)

Russia: NATO warships in Black Sea are worrying | Reuters and RussiaToday : News : Russia warns NATO over build-up of warships in Black Sea Duh. What did Russia think was going to happen? They invaded a sovereign nation without any apparent reason, expelled the local Georgian population, looted, pillaged and destroyed civilian, government, and military equipment, building, and businesses and siezed control of ports with the military. Of course military vessels would be used to deliver aid in turn to prevent the Russian navy from following the same activities of it’s army and committing piracy.

RIA Novosti – Russia – Moscow says NATO begins supplying new arms to Georgia
and RIA Novosti – Russia – NATO helps Georgia restore air defenses, ups Black Sea presence That’s what allies do for one another, especially when said allies are attacked. Russia has done the same so has no legitimate reason to complain aside from any expansionist plans of their getting derailed somewhat. More troubling was a recent comment by Lavrov:

“Russia is a self-sufficient country, and attempts to block our ambitious plans, which are extremely important for the country’s social and economic development, will bring no good, although someone is obviously keen to take advantage of a provocation like Georgia’s attack,” Lavrov said.

Okay, what exactly are these “ambitious plans” and why was Ossetia so important to them? Such comments make me think given the Russian governments somewhat recently bizarre behavior of a number of scenarios over Russia’s intentions speculators have made: Russian desire to control the flow of oil, gas, and other resources from the Caucasus to Europe, Russian dominance and control of former Soviet states, Russian nationalism, militarism, and expansionism, rising dictatorial behavior and oligarchs, suppression of free press and dissent, etc., etc.

Aside from that Lavrov needs to be reminded that no nation can stand alone any longer. The global economy will not allow this. Nor the environment. Nor a myriad of other issues ranging from war and terrorism to medicine and development of poor nations.

Angry North Korea threatens nuclear U-turn – Same old, same old here. Any excuse not to abide by the agreements they sign.

DNC Protests

Political Radar: DNC Protesters Arrested, Pepper-Sprayed

The Associated Press: Protesters: We’re being treated like prisoners

Unconventional Griff: Live Shot Leads to Protester Outrage – America’s Election HQ,

VOA News – Protesters Clash with Police at US Democratic National Convention

Little Green Footballs – Zombie: Recreate 68 Finally Lives Up to Its Name: Riot in Denver (Highlights how stupid the supposed protesters and anarchists are. You go looking for violence you’ll get it–directed at you.)

Not really that unexpected since some groups had indicated they wanted to stir up trouble at both the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention. The fact that there were some idiots who thought recreating the riots of the 68 convention would some how be a good thing shows the stupidity of some of the protesters. Seriously, Recreate 68? Dumb. As evidenced in some of the articles and blogs, the more violent protesters deserved to be arrested while others I suspect just got caught between the police and the extremists.

The fools take away from legitimate protests that simply want their often ignored issues and concerns acknowledged and addressed by our nation’s leaders.

News Commentary

Name on government watch list threatens pilot’s career –
And it is things like this that make me appreciate the ACLU, even if I am annoyed with them much of the rest of the time over their activities. If nothing else, they provide some sort of safety net to counter government indifference and occasional institutionalized discrimination, in this case: Muslims. Yes mistakes happen but they seem to be happening with alarming regularity, suspect reasoning, and with continued arrogance and callousness on the part of government officials at TSA. But the fact remains there appears to be an unusually high number of people being harassed and delayed in their travels based on their religion, ethnicity, and political leanings (e.g. party affiliation).

Iraq troop deal could affect U.S. presidential race | Politics | Reuters Interesting. I doubt really either candidate would get much mileage out of this agreement since McCain could argue it came about because of his stay with it policy and Obama could argue it showed he was right about disengagement.

Russia: We’ve completed pullback – Uh huh. Right. Sure. The Russians are now occupiers not peacekeepers, especially given reports like this: Russia moves SS-21 missiles into Georgia: US defense official

Interesting space news:

Forecast International Projects 50 Billion Dollar ELV Market

Oceaneering Will Resubmit Constellation Space Suit Proposal

NASA to use shock-absorbers to fix shaking in new Ares rocket

News commentary

U.S. regulation stops short of defining abortion | Reuters Good, the religious wing nuts didn’t get their ridiculous definition that contraceptives = abortion through, though I have no doubt the nutters will keep up attempts to interfere with people’s private lives and reproductive decisions through government interference. I have no problem with protecting medical personnel from performing procedures they feel unethical or morally wrong so long as there is another person available for those patients that desire said same procedures or information on them. In the end it should be the individuals choice, not the government or government agencies.

Russia promises to start Georgia pullback | Reuters I’ll believe it when I see it. There will be no peace in that region so long as Russian troops remain in Georgia, especially with the growing reports of Russian abuse including theft, looting, harassing ethnic Georgians and so on.

Georgia war shows Russian army strong but flawed | Reuters Interesting to note the flaws. I do remember being puzzled as to why the Russians were riding on top of their vehicles and not looking like they were doing it out of some sense of bravado or machismo. Now we know why. If nothing else, NATO, the EU, and US military forces can adjust accordingly knowing what improvements the Russian military needs to make.

How Many Houses? McCain Doesn’t Know And Obama thought there was, what, 57-58 states? So what? Who cares. Stupid article title showing the author(s) political bias and just plain stupid article intent to divert the public away from core issues and play into Obama’s socialist class war agenda over “good” Americans, the poor and middle classes, and “bad” Americans, the “rich”. Really pathetic since Obama fits into the “rich class” as much as McCain does. It’s not really surprising this old tactic, class warfare, is being dredged up again. Both parties have continually tried to divide America along class lines, usually failing miserably, when they are weak on the issues of the day or support positions unpopular with the voting public. The news media needs to ignore this fluff and drivel and get to the issues that matter in this country.

Two McCain offices evacuated after letter threat | U.S. | Reuters I do have to wonder at allowing a inate known for sending threatening letters to be allowed to do so without some sort of oversight. I wonder if they’ll charge the guy under the terrorism laws. Probably not.

Survey: Americans feel churches shouldn’t meddle in politics –
Definitely agree that churches shouldn’t meddle in politics. And vice versa, of course. No two religions or religious sects seem to be able to agree one hundred percent on any one issue anyway so why should they have undue influence pushing political and social agendas based solely on their singular doctrines.

For YouTube videos, a ‘fair use’ boost | News – Digital Media – CNET News Interesting turn of events. We’ll see how this plays out. I’ve been on both sides of the ‘fair use’ issue: once being asked by a company to remove content deemed to be in copyright violation and another time being encouraged by the same company to continue what I was doing as it promoted their product. Go figure. The whole ‘fair use’ issue is especially dicey on the web especially when the companies themselves are inconsistent but I’ve always complied with their wishes on the rare occasions my websites have drawn corporate attention.

Psychological profiling on the Web | News – Security – CNET News Emo-trackers. Joy. As for the whole “it could be used against you” fear mongering, guess what? That already goes on and is easily avoiding by knowing when to exercise self restraint in revealing your thoughts and moods online. Heh, could be fun for those I know who are intentionally strange on their blogs and would just love to act bi-polar just to screw these “emo-trackers” up.

News Commentary

Colleges Want Debate on Drinking Age While I think it is laudable MADD wants to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking I personally think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 given at that age you are allowed to vote, join the military, and can make legally binding agreements and by nearly all other definition considered an adult in the United States. Either 18 year olds are legal adults or they are not. That is what the United States needs to decide and adjust all laws and policies related to age of majority accordingly. They shouldn’t be adjusted just because something is inconvenient. What really needs to be done is to demystify alcohol so the youth in America do not perceive it as anything special or taboo. Educate people instead of regulate them.

Russia starts Georgia pullout but NATO wants more | Reuters
I’ll believe it when all Russian occupation forces are out of Georgia, including the so called “peacekeepers” in Ossetia. The fact that Russia is acting in an obstructionist and occupier manner by detaining Georgian police in port town, supporitng Ossetian separatists destroying ethnic Georgian property and homes, and Russia’s apparently slow response to aid agencies gaining access to S. Ossetia. Some Russian media is still on it’s anti-West rhetoric: Известия.Ру: Грузию могут принять в НАТО исключительно назло России (Trans. Georgia to be accepted into NATO exclusively to spite Russia.) Last I read there was still no definitive decision to fast track Georgia into NATO membership. Russia’s bullying tactics however may push NATO to fast track all former Soviet and Warsaw pact states wishing membership in order to blunt Russia’s recent militarism. If NATO punishes Russia, Russia will punish NATO back – Pravda.Ru I always love Pravda’s hilarious throw back to Cold War journalism. Especially about the last paragraph stating Turkey refused US battleships entrance to the Black Sea. Very amusing since the “battleships” were in fact hospital ships and were not let through because of international treaties regarding the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits not because of the implied support of Turkey. But other Russian media have gone back to a more moderate approach: RIA Novosti – Opinion & analysis – Is Georgia’s NATO dream coming true?

Iran satellite launch a failure: U.S. official | Reuters I tend to think the U.S. official is correct in the launch failed given Iran often likes to brag long and loud over missile successes, showing them on Iranian TV. If it didn’t fail then it also further strengthens the notion for a needed missile defense shield in Europe over concerns of Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

Obama rips McCain for $5 million rich definition | Politics | Reuters
Better McCain’s definition of rich than Obama’s version. Playing class warfare doesn’t work anymore, especially when that class warfare would end up taking people’s income simply because they make what someone deems as “too much” money. Besides Obama’s grasping at straws, or simply lost his sense of humor, since McCain was joking when he made the comment. I suggest Obama start making definitive stances instead of hedging when it comes to direct questions and specific answers. Vagaries will not get you the presidency.

Wind power brings prosperity, anger – An example of why alternate energy sources, be it wind, solar, nuclear, et. al., must be looked at with careful consideration and understanding of their impact before being implemented in various locations. I’m all for alternate energy sources but what good is cheaper energy sources if it negatively impacts quality of life in such a drastic manner.

Russia-Georgia Conflict

And the echoes of the Cold War continue…

Russia occupies parts Georgia | Reuters

It doesn’t look like any peace will hold with the apparent reports of Russian troops looting, sniping civilians, and further invading Georgian territory. Despite U.S. officials assurances, I fear the only way this will end is with a conflict involving the United States and NATO especially with Russia saying it will support Georgian separatists. (Or as the China Daily put it: Russia: Georgia can ‘forget’ regaining provinces.) While that is an unpalatable thought to me it’s better than repeating the mistakes of the past that eventually led to an even greater conflagration along the lines of World War II. It’s a pity really that the Russian government wastes its efforts on militarism.

And despite, or perhaps to spite, Russia’s behavior many former Warsaw and Soviet nations along with NATO appear to be taking a stronger stand against Russia: U.S., Poland sign missile shield deal | Politics | Reuters , NATO bars Russian ship from anti-terror patrol | Reuters, and Ukraine vows to implement orders on Russia fleet | International | Reuters are but some examples and not wholly indicative of unity amongst the allies.

RIA Novosti – World – S.Ossetia, Abkhazia to seek sovereignty under international law I honestly don’t see Georgia accepting S. Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent without some sort of protest unless Russia gives up North Ossetia as well, in essence turning Ossetia into a buffer state between Russia and Georgia. I doubt Georgia will accept any succession of Abkhazia, especially since it was given a special status as an autonomous region continuing a practice implemented by the Soviet Union. I expect were Georgia to accept it they would demand a number of things out of Russia in return. Whether Georgia would get it or not is another thing entirely.

All I do know is the Russian government needs to tread carefully with stirring up ethnic tensions in various regions like Dagestan as such tactics could be turned against them to ignite ethnic tensions in other regions of Russia particularly in the krais and okrugs with large non-Russian or non-Slavic minorities. The Serbs discovered using ethnic tensions to attain political and territorial gains to be disastrous as evidenced by Serbian actions in Yugoslavia leading to the break up of Yugoslavia and most recently Kosovo succeeding from Serbia.

On the news side, I have noticed a sudden and decidedly less virulent anti-west tone in online Russian news sources, though venom aimed at former Soviet states like Ukraine and Georgia remain intact. We’ll see how long that lasts with Poland signing the anti-missile shield deal with the U.S. and Ukraine making it clear they wont give the Russian Navy free reign in their ports and waterways with respect to military activity.

Russia Georgia Conflict Ceasefire

Russia, Georgia Agree In General To Ceasefire Plan

Well at least not all of the Russian government turned stupid, though I expect Russia will delay ending the fighting and pulling back troops as much as possible. Perhaps even refusing to leave Abkhazia and Ossetia under the guise of protecting the people there. And of course Georgia is against discussing the future of S. Ossetia and Abkhazia, which may throw another wrench into the works.I n any case, for now, Russia appears to have been mollified but even more resentment will come to reign in the region because of this conflict.

U.S. to take control of Georgian ports: Saakashvili | Politics |

Hm. Makes me thinks a number of Russian generals are cringing about now on the idea of American military presence, even if only for ensuring humanitarian aid flows through the ports, in a neighboring state, something they’ve vehemently opposed since the Cold War. And they were just upset annoyed at Georgia joining NATO before.

ReutersRussia: Georgia must accept non-use of force deal | Reuters Not that I don’t agree on the ide of n on-use of force but it’s kind of hypocritical considering what Russia just did to another nation to try and force a solution favorable to Russian interests. Will Russia make the same pledge not only for Georgia but for all former Soviet republics and the ex-Warsaw pact nations? Will it also promise to stop supporting and funding pro-Russian separatists in those nations as well? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Both sides are still morons for how they handled, or should I say, mishandled the situation.