Woe to the Republic: SCOTUS Betrays America

When I was a child, I had no doubts what so ever that the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States would always make the correct decision, a decision that balanced the rights of the individual American citizen with the principles and Rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Until recently, I still believed in the wisdom and guidance of the SCOTUS. But that belief and support was heavily eroded by decision that curtailed individual property rights in favor of corporate controlled politicians, of declaring corporations not only equal to an individual person but by their decision gave de facto greater rights to corporations over that of the common man, and the destructive and corruptive Citizen’s United decision. 

The Supreme Court has betrayed America. Today the SCOTUS made a decision that has ended my belief that the Justices make decisions based on preserving U.S. citizens rights and preserving the Constitution. Today, the SCOTUS said the individual mandate in ObamaCare will stand. In other words, Americans are property– slaves to the whims of the corrupt, vindictive, and greedy politicians and bureaucrats of the U.S. government.

That’s right my fellow citizens, we’ve returned to bad old days of slavery except this time it’s not limited to one race or area of the country, it’s all of us. Worse, this new incarnation of slavery is codified in law and approved by the very Court that is supposed to help prevent the rise of dictatorship in our government. With this ruling, the SCOTUS has said the government can force any American to buy a product by including a “tax”, as the SCOTUS so quaintly justified their traitorous decision, as punishment for refusal to partake in what ever commerce they demand of you.

Is this the America you want? The next time a corporation or bank has financial trouble, do you really want the government to be able to order you to buy that corporation’s or bank’s product? Well, that’s exactly the dangerous precedent the SCOTUS  made today. In the yes of the government, you are not a citizen, or an individual, you are property. And believe me, there are plenty of wanna-be dictators in our government who will look to use this decision to strip away Americans of their rights and freedoms. All one need do to see evidence of this is to look at the previously mentioned curtailments of property rights and granting supremacy of corporate personhood over the individual to see the path to a dictatorship in this country is fast approaching.

The question is this: will Americans stand for this or fight back against the forces within our nation that want to destroy it for their personal wealth and power? A part of me wants to give up and leave the country as it looks less and less like the nation of opportunity, change, and freedom of my youth. But a bigger part of me wants to fight back and reclaim my country and turn it back to a beacon of freedom and liberty and individuality. I for one, will fight, be it at the ballot box, in the courts, or, if it comes to this terrible last resort, in the streets against the rise of dictatorship in this nation. Despite the corruption of our government, I think America is still worth fighting for.

What will you do, my fellow Americans?

The only good thing about the decision by the SCOTUS: it revealed Obama’s blatant lie that the individual mandate was not a tax. The SCOTUS clearly stated it mandate was (even though they ignore basic economic principle that you are a not a participant in an economic activity if you chose not to partake in said activity). That makes Obama, Pelosi and Reid LIARS! Seems that Representative who called Obama a liar was absolutely correct.

Woe to the Republic!

Obama’s Supreme Court Comments

I’ve been considering President Obama’s comments about the Supreme Court potentially overturning ObamaCare deciding if he was serious or making the usual political hay politicians are wont to do when they think a ruling bu the judiciary will not be to their benefit. I’ve come to the conclusion it was  a bit of both. The fact that it was a bit of both only reaffirms my belief that Obama does not understand how the U.S. Constitution and the government derived from it works.

President Obama claimed that it was unprecedented for the SCOTUS to overturn “a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” Obviously the President has conveniently forgotten that last two hundred years or so in which the SCOTUS has acted as a judicial review of laws that may infringe upon, if not outright counter, the framework of the Constitutional government and Bill of Rights all Americans live under. That hardly makes the SCOTUS overruling laws passed by a majority of Congress unprecedented.

Disturbingly, President Obama tried to imply that the number of votes that passed ObamaCare somehow makes it exempt from challenge or judicial review; that the Legislature and Executive branches of the Federal Government were above any and all judicial process. That is the mindset of would be dictators, not democratically minded politicians. The President clearly does not understand that the United States is a Federal Republic in which democracy exists, but the “mob rule” is not allowed to trample those that were in the minority of a vote. This attitude is a primary reason the Founders established our three-part government: to establish checks and balances that prevent any part of the triad from being able to usurp control of the nation for their own ends and rule without restraint.

So I am left wondering:

  1. Was Obama playing politics, trying to stoke up furor amongst his base and the radical left?
  2. Does Obama truly believe the Executive and Legislative branch can make laws without allowing for redress by the public via judicial challenges and review?

As to playing politics, I have no doubt that is exactly what Obama was doing. Unfortunately all he did was harden both sides and perhaps alienated those on the fence concerned that this was an indicator for Obama’s nascent desire for greater power via larger government and perhaps even attempting to intimidate the SCOTUS into submission to his policies.

Does Obama believe the Executive and Legislative branch can rule without public redress? I believe he does. He’s always been a man who supports expansive overarching government.

However, in his support for big government, he has forgotten that since pretty much the founding of the United States the public has always had the right to challenge laws thought to be unfair, discriminatory, or otherwise detrimental to individual liberties, rights, and freedoms. The President forgot something important about the founding of this nation: the Revolution was in part response to the rulers (King George and his court) refusing to acknowledge the legitimate grievances of their subjects in the Colonies.

Curiously, Obama has no complaints about prior “judicial activism” of the SCOTUS. Perhaps he needs a reminder of just a few  important decisions resulting from SCOTUS rulings:

  1. Miranda rights.
  2. Abortion rights.
  3. Contraceptive rights.
  4. Desegregation.
  5. Ruling anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional. (I.e. Allowing marriage between races)

While I feel the SCOTUS has made several severely flawed decisions, especially of late, and no longer believe they always make the correct, let alone truly constitutional decision, I’ll take the opinions of the Justices musings over that of a blow-hard politician, even if he is the President, any day of the week.

Woe to the Republic: NDAA, SOPA, and Obama

Obama’s campaign for class resentment – The Washington Post

In Kansas, Obama lamented that millions “are now forced to take their children to food banks.” You have to admire the audacity. That’s the kind of damning observation the opposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years. Yet Obama summoned it to make the case for his reelection!

Why? Because, you see, he bears no responsibility for the current economic distress. It’s the rich. And, like Horatius at the bridge, Obama stands with the American masses against the soulless plutocrats.

This is populism so crude that it channels not Teddy Roosevelt so much as Hugo Chavez. But with high unemployment, economic stagnation and unprecedented deficits, what else can Obama say?

He can’t run on stewardship. He can’t run on policy. His signature initiatives — the stimulus, Obamacare and the failed cap-and-trade — will go unmentioned in his campaign ads. Indeed, they will be the stuff of Republican ads.

What’s left? Class resentment. Got a better idea?

While I often find myself disagreeing with Mr. Krauthammer’s interpretation of things in this article he is correct in questioning Obama’s ridiculous attempt to stir up class warfare in an attempt to get himself reelected. As noted in the article, Obama himself claimed he should be a one term president if he hadn’t fixed the economy. Of course, in true corrupt Washington elitist fashion, Obama has no intention of not running for a second term. So for the next eleven or so months we get to listen to the old Obama lies and deflections about how he did everything right at it’s everyone else’s fault that things are going wrong.

Sadly I have little hope anything will get better with the corrupt officials in Washington, especially with the passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and SOPA.

Most concerning to me are the detainee related provisions in the 2012 NDAA. While the government claims that there should be no concern over violating civil rights, I simply no longer trust the government, especially as corrupt and full of would be dictators as we have right now. All we need do is look to the abuses, failures and corruption running rampant in the DOJ, DHS, ICE, and TSA to see that the government is not trustworthy when it comes to guaranteeing and protecting American civil liberties, civil rights, and justice.

If there’s something the Occupiers and TEA Party should be united on it is opposition to the NDAA (as noted in Wendy Kaminer’s What Occupiers and Tea Partiers Should Fear Most – Wendy Kaminer – National – The Atlantic) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

At issue with the NDAA is Section 1031 which allows the indefinite detainment of terrorist suspects, including American citizens, without trial. This doesn’t sound bad to most people until you consider the full ramifications that you need only be deemed a suspect to be held, potentially without the ability to confront your accusers. Worse is knowing some wanted indefinite detention to be applied to American citizens and that these same people are still in the House and Senate. It simply saddens me to see the nation I love slipping further into fascism and dictatorship every under the guise of security and protection.

So then we have SOPA, a bill that ostensibly was to protect copyrighted material and such. Unfortunately, in true corrupt fashion, our politicians are using it to cripple the internet in favor of corporate special interests. I’m all for ending piracy and intellectual property theft but the manner in which SOPA goes about addressing the issue could easily lead to censorship, crippling free speech, and crippling business under a flood of lawsuits. SOPA is especially suspect in that it seems to target open source software projects, cripple US based internet companies (such as cloud computing and web hosting). It’s basically a giant mess that seems to be written not with fairness and neutrality in mind, but in ensuring hegemonic corporate control over internet content. Sadly, it will do nothing to stop online piracy. In it’s current state it appears it will only create problems for internet based businesses and websites as the concept of Net Neutrality is gutted for the corporations bottom line.

Regime Change 2012
Throw All The Bums Out!

Sham Wow Politicians, ICE’s Catch and Release, Idiot Book Burners

Sham Wow- AZ Sham Candidates
Courthouse News Service

The Arizona Green Party wants to kick 11 “sham candidates” off the November ballot, claiming the candidates – some of them homeless – were recruited by the Republican Party to take votes away from Democrats. The federal complaint claims that a state law allowing candidates to “hijack” a party’s nomination with only one write-in vote is unconstitutional, and “will cause party members to mistakenly vote for sham candidates.”

Election year shenanigans are nothing new in Arizona (and elsewhere in the U.S.). That’s part of the reason I think political parties should be banned so voters decide on individuals and not conglomerates pushing agendas. If it is true the GOP intentionally and knowingly put out nominees as sham candidates they should be removed from the ballot. Moreover should any political party be found guilty of the activities as alleged in this case their own candidates should either be removed from the ballot for the forthcoming election or the entire party and its political membership be banned for four years from the election process at any level of government in order to stop such chicanery and anti-democratic activity. Harsh punishment? Sure. But better than having the democratic principles and voting system of the United States further undermined from corrupt politicians and their party machines.

ICE’s Catch and Release

I honestly don’t like referring to ICE’s inane program of letting illegal aliens go being called ‘Catch and Release’ as it implies illegal aliens are nothing more than animals. That said the Federal government agency in charge of kicking out the illegals doing all it can not to enforce the law incenses me. Worse is the nearly daily news of ICE actively doing all it can not to enforce the law such as indicating should police discover an illegal alien during a traffic stop who isn’t a felon, they should let him go.

Subverting standing Federal law much with that one? You betcha.

It make a complete mockery of the U.S. Federal immigration laws at every level. Worse is knowing it is a immature response to Arizona’s immigration law brought about because of the Federal unwillingness to enforce existing law in the first place and allowing millions of illegal aliens into the nation and burdening states with having to deal with them via education, policing, medical, and other assorted expenses.

Clearly this is merely another attempt at sanctuary supporting politicians and bureaucrats hoping to cater to special interests at the expense of American citizens and law.

Freedom of Speech Includes Being an Idiot (For all side)

So Pastor Jones and his fringe sect want to burn the Koran on September 11. I think they’re idiots for wanting to do so, but it is their right to do so. You know protected speech and all that good stuff Americans enjoy thanks to our Constitution. Instead of our government whining about how the fringers shouldn’t do it because it will offend Muslims or make them hate America or endanger troops or whatever other communalist bunk being dragged out to quash their right to an ill conceived book burning, how about you ignore the morons?  Ignore them or mock them but don’t give importance where none exists.

The Muslims and Islamists that hate America and the West will do so regardless of whether 50 people get together in Florida and burn books or not. So why pander to them? Many Muslim nations deny freedoms many Americans take for granted everyday like religion and speech. Pastor Jones is a douche but then so is anyone who threatens violence because of a cartoon of their prophet. In the end both sides are idiots and neither should be catered or cowed to by anyone. Both sides will just look like idiots while accomplishing nothing, so why bother giving any importance by having top officials getting involved with obvious media attention whores.

Time’s Running Out…

Senate GOP again kills jobless aid extension

1 effin’ vote?

The GOP is putting the noose around their necks to commit political suicide with this over one vote for needed aid. It’s not like it’s the pork spending both parties love to tack on every budget or when bailing out corporations. Any good will garnered for their opposing wild spending and exploding government size and control will be gone if this extension doesn’t pass this week, before the July 4th break. Do the DC politicians really want to tell millions of Americans just before one of the nation’s most important holidays, the holiday the commemorates the nation’s founding, that going on vacation is more important to them than the American people? Really? Political suicide. No amount of weaseling by ignorant officials will change that fact. No blaming the other party will work either. Americans will be angry and rightly so at such blatant and arrogant disregard for the public by the Senate.

I stand by my pledge that if the extension isn’t passed by the Fouth of July I’m declaring my independence from incumbents. It doesn’t pass, so to shall the careers of all incumbents end at the ballot box in retaliation. Seeing the straights some people are in makes this for me the final straw. Even if they pass the extension afterwards I will do eveything I am able to assist in defeat in every incumbent regardless of party or affiliation.

Maybe I’m tilting at windmills, but enough is enough. It’s time to end this nonsensical political posturing by the demagogues of the parties and free the country from their destructive behavior and actions. The democrats have become socilaists and the republicans corporate monarchis. Meanwhile the people just want their federal republic back where in belongs, in their hands.

Are you listening, Senators McCain and Kyl? Doubtful. But you can’t say people didn’t warn you about the consequences of your hypocrisy and arrogance.

FTC to “Reinvent” Journalism

With many stories to potentially cover it actually wasn’t partcularly difficult to choose one to write about today. Everyone already is aware of the Middle East tensions rising once more (as if they ever lessened in the first place). We’re all aware of the complete and utter failure of the Obama Administration to deal with the disasterous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the completely repugnant and arrogant behavior of BP in response to the disatser they created. Perhaps people are less aware (or simply don’t care) about the United Nations on going anti-semistism and anti-democracy agendas as well.

But there is one story I found distubingly ignored by the MSM. Perhaps because they, at least their print journalism brothers, would benefit at the expense of the American people. I speak, of course, of the FTC’s rough draft on how to reinvent journalism. Make no mistkae about it, the intent of the FTC is clear in this matter: supporting the old guard journalism in the face of the technological age of the internet. Even if it turns them officially into propagandists.

Many of the items in the “draft” are quite clearly anti-internet, big bailouts for the dinosaurs of the MSM and print media unwilling to give up the ability to control, influence, and manipulate the news and quite frankly an attempt to usurp the First Amendment. There are some pretty scary ideas in there that should make any freedom loving American shudder, among them antitrust exemptions to allow local MSM types to control the local media and a 5% tax on electronic items that would be used to fund these failed businesses.

Perhaps more troubling is the obvious anti-internet tone and anti-free disemination of information and news attitude in the “draft” that somehow the internet (namely linkers, and aggregators) is to blame for their troubles. Additionally there is this pervasive oppressive feel to the whole thing that the government should determine not only what information you get but who should be allowed to present it to you.  To read it, you would almost think not a one involved in its creation had even heard of, let alone the used the internet, for any reasonable amount of time.

The whole thing reads like a hamfisted and poorly executed attempt to finish off free press in the United States and to turn it into simple propagandist machines ala Pravda while at the same time trying to curtail (and eventually) eliminate opposing views from the internet (e.g. bloggers, independent news sources, etc) claiming some nefarious need for “fairness”. Perhaps I’m being overly concerned or paranoid but the ultimate goal, it seems, is government control and/or influence of the news, the facts, and the information the American people receive while stiffling and supressing dissenting information or perceptions of the same.

Fairness at the expense of freedom is unacceptable and quite frankly impossible to achieve. Government intrusion into the free market via unneeded regulations (while continuing to fail in enforcing existing regulations), taxes, and bailouts was unacceptable with GM and the Financial insititutaions. So too is it unacceptable for the free press.

Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Budget

Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Budget Boosts Defense, Education Spending — Politics Daily

So much for the President’s vaunted claims of getting government spending under control. Any politician supporting budgets proposals that add to the debt and increase the deficit should be thrown out of office. The American people are not the Federal government’s slaves to be raped and pillaged at the whims of irresponsible fools.

What’s needed is genuine fiscal constraint. The American people will understand the need to end unnecessary spending like pork projects and so-called “job stimulus” packages. So too will they understand the need to end tax credits and temporary tax cuts during this poor economic time so that all are paying their full and complete fair share of taxes and reduce the strain on revenues needed for programs. The military will understand not getting $160 billion that they didn’t ask for in the first place. Homeland security will understand that they don’t need a 2% increase that could be recouped by simply eliminating the massive wasted spending in that department already. College students will understand if there is not a increase in Pell grants. Tech firms will understand that they should not get federal funds for their clean energy technology.

Why would all these accept these? Because, if they are genuinely honest with themselves, they know that such things are unnecessary and unsustainable. Those intellectually honest people with integrity know that to accept such unnecessary spending will only further burden themselves, their future generations and their fellow Americans, leading to greater economic decline and perhaps even eventual collapse that would leave everyone destitute and in universal poverty.

The age of fiscal responsibility is at hand. The rampant and selfish greed and corruption from the government on down to the individual can no longer be tolerated when it threatens the whole. Those, like the President, who support such activities can no longer be allowed to have any influence in such decisions as they willingly destroy the future of all for their selfish short sighted gain. People such as these lay blame to those before them, even when they too were among the ones making the decisions, in order to deceive and deny that reality they created so they can continue their destructive ways while denying their own corrupt nature. The future can no longer be mortgaged, condemning future generations to economic slavery and eroded quality of life.

The steps to starting fiscal responsibility is simple:

  • No more pork projects.
  • No more stimulus bills.
  • No more bailouts.
  • No corporate well fare in any form.
  • Mandatory open bids for all government contracts.
  • No more gimmicky tax breaks and credits. Keeping the tax rate constant would better serve in determining and designing budgets that the yearly mickey mouse games the American people have to go through every year. An individual or couple do not deserve special dispensation because they chose to buy a house or a car. Giving such abreak unfairly burdens the rest who have to make up for the loss through either higher taxes or an increase in the national debt.
  • Reform tax codes so both individuals and business can operate without fear of being targeted.
  • Balanced budget requirements without any extensions or loopholes for any reason.
  • No more Fed bailouts of States. The State governments need to bring themselves under fiscal control knowing the Fed will no longer cover their corruption.
  • Finance reform to end speculators and financial institutes from continuing their dangerous practices.
  • Mandatory government spending freezes until the debt is gone.
  • Mandatory government wage freezes for all (including politicians) until the debt is gone.
  • End wasteful government programs or hand them over to more cost effective and efficiently run private sector businesses (i.e. The U.S. Postal Service and AmTrack).

It’s not easy and may take time, but in the end it will be worth it to all.

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