Green Collar Workers

I don’t know why, but I really, genuinely, utterly hate the term “green collar worker” being bandied about to refer to people who work in the environmental sector. I suppose my annoyance comes from the fact that these people who have been developing alternative energy sources and technology, reasonable conservation efforts, and so on have been doing so for decades without much comment or support from any sector of our society but now it’s suddenly the “green” thing to do. Unfortunately, I suspect that in the end nothing will really come of it, considering there has been talk of conservation and environmentalism longer than I’ve been alive and little has changed. That or it will be commercialized and sold at overly priced costs like many other “green” items of the recent past.

Out of curiosity I decided to look up the origin of the phrase and just about laughed to realize the phrase was used over 30 years ago in a report to of all places a congressional economic committee.

Of course I despise other “collar” titles (i.e. pink-collar, gray-collar, gold-collar) as well, particularly when they were obviously made up to fill some person’s fascination with trying to categorize everything to death and ignores the origin of the classifications: white-collar and blue-collar.

Anti-Radiation Pill Plan

Anti-Radiation Pill Plan May Be Nixed This article is a clear example of the continuing idiotic policy of the Bush administration. In this case, once again the Bush administration placed more import to public perception and the possibility of “undermining confidence in US nuclear plants” over that of qualified professionals in the nuclear power industry.

Worse is the childish infighting the Bush administrations directive has caused with one member of the HHS stating “”If you entrust our kids’ health to nuclear engineers instead of doctors — you are inviting disaster.” Problem is, HHS does not exaclty have the greatest record in protecting children. I’m honestly not all that surprised given Bush is a big oil guy who has shown that he has no clue how to run the federal agencies of the US Government. Just look at the large number of agencies that are now mismanaged, misdirected, ineffectual, underfunded and understaffed: FEMA, the FDA, the Border Patrol, ICE, HHS, NRC, the EPA, etc., etc.

I live relatively close to a nuclear power plant here in Arizona, though well outside the 20 mile zone covered in the pill plan and have always had confidence in the plant and it’s technicians ability to contain any potential radiation dangers, especially given what I know about the inherent safety plans and contigencies of the plant. I’m glad one of the readers who posted a comment on the story tried to educate other readers with the truth about nuclear plants to try and mitigate the fear mongering of the article and the sheer idiocy of the Bush administrations reasoning.

I honestly can’t help but wonder if this is another shell game by the Bush administration with regards to alternate energy sources. Afterall, Bush keeps claiming and insisting America need to become less dependent on foreign oil yet does nothing to support initiatives for alternate energy sources on a large scale. Instead bush supports some questionable alternatives like fuels generated from food crops at a time when food prices are on the rise and the need for food around the world is at an all time high.

Hydrogen Cars Vehicles and Infrastructure

Those who know me know that I am a big proponent of the United States converting over to renewable and alternate resources that not only shackle the county to questionable corporate business practices and foreign relations but also hamper US citizens and businesses. These limitations include ever increasing financial costs related to use, environmental damage, and degredation and decreasing quality of life issues (jobs, health, food supply, etc.) related to these growing problems.

So for those interested in one possible alternative: Hydrogen Cars Vehicles and Infrastructure. I like this particular site since it lists a wide variety of vehicles as well as more information on hydrogen fuel alternatives.