Opinion: Immigration Protests In Murrieta

I support the immigration protesters in Murrieta, CA. Despite what some ideologues and amnesty supporters would have you think, these people are not racists or against immigrants. I think these protesters represent what a majority of Americans want and feel: an end to illegal immigrants, an end to policies that support illegal aliens over U.S. citizens, an end to liberal (by this I mean weak) immigration policy and reform of immigration policy that rightly places the interests of the U.S. citizen over that of foreigners and entities (read: business, politicians, political parties, etc.) that exploit these immigrants. Additionally I believe many Americans want citizenship requirements changed to stop the use of anchor babies and illegal immigrant children as an exploitive justification to allow illegal immigrants to remain.

While the Obama administration has been more active in deporting illegal aliens, it has also been weak in others or outright manipulative in pushing an even more weakened immigration system by advocating amnesty and cynically using children of illegal aliens (whether the child is a citizen or not) to induce an emotional response from the public rather than a well thought out logical response that truly addresses the issues surrounding immigration. This is not aided any the main political parties in the United States (the Democrats and Republicans) holding the country hostage to their equally twisted political agendas that benefit no one but their own power and greed.

While most Americans can empathize with the illegal immigrants (especially the children recklessly endangered by their parents getting here) I think they also understand that, just like we cannot be policeman to the world, we cannot be caretaker of the world either. We, as a nation and as much as we may want to, simply don’t have the resources to do so and maintain our own nation, economy, and people.

SCOTUS Ruling on AZ SB1070

The United States Supreme Court made what can only really be called a split decision over Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law. Some see it as a win for the state of Arizona, others as a win for Federal supremacy. I did laugh at the range of headlines form assorted newspapers and internet sites in response to ruling as it became evident what political stripe said groups were in based on their choice of headline. Perhaps the most amusing was HuffPuff’s (aka Huffington Post) use of the term “gutted”
 in their headline, when the ruling was actually quite the opposite.

What was upheld:

  1. Allowing local law enforcement officers to attempt to verify the immigration
    status of a person who has been stopped or detained for violating other laws,
    including moving vehicle violations.

This was one of the hot button issues involved with the law and one most often criticized as an overreach by the state of Arizona into Federal powers. With this ruling, the SCOTUS has made it clear that enforcement of immigration law for non-immigration related issues is lawful and appropriate.

What was struck down:

  1. A crime for illegals to be in Arizona.
  2. A crime for illegals to seek employment in Arizona.
  3. Authorized police officers to make warrantless arrests of anyone they believed had made a deportable offense.

I could see why these three were struck down. They could be seen as violating an array of laws and civil rights such as double jeopardy and protections from illegal search seizure to name but two.

Ultimately it is what it is: a split decision of which neither side can claim
complete victory. Already the pro-illegal supporters claim victory while
the anti-illegal supporters also do so. Overall, I’d say the decision was an minor victory for Arizona as the SCOTUS kept a key provision that the Federal government argued was their purview alone. That alone was a slap at the current administration’s dictatorial attitude and arrogant self righteousness of the Department of Justice towards the States.  I also see the decision as a push by the SCOTUS against the Federal government to start enforcing existing U.S. immigration law and working on genuine reform, not just pandering and declarative amnesty by politicians looking to be re-elected to office.

Regardless of the decision, it still does not address keys issues that needs to be resolved by the United States: immigration reform and illegal immigrants. Obama simply can not “wave his hand” and claim so called “Dreamers” effectively a free pass and not bring on the ire of many American citizens and legal immigrants, especially in states that bore the brunt of illegals eating up local services, who are tired of government policies that give the perception (rightly or wrongly) of favoring illegals and law breakers over those are citizens, legal residents, and law abiding. Solve the immigration policies and problems and you’ll solve much of the debate and concern over illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, given the issues surrounding illegals has been around since long before I was born and we have self serving politicians more interested in their party and their greed than the well being of the nation I don’t see any resolution coming in the near future. All I see is pandering and promises to Hispanics in vain attempts to get votes, not workable solutions.

Military Families Act: Attempted Amnesty Act 2.0

Robert Menendez: Troops Shouldn’t Worry Families Will Be Deported

The Military Families Act, which so far has zero Republican supporters, would grant legal permanent residence to the immediate family members of military men and women in active duty. Like the DREAM Act, a bill that would grant legal status to immigrants who entered the United States as children if they go to college or join the military, the idea is to narrow the pool of undocumented beneficiaries to the most sympathetic few, in hopes that the GOP will not decry the bill as amnesty.

Sadly Senator Menendez’s cynical ploy at currying favor with Hispanic and Latino voters for the Democratic Party is obvious here. Equally obvious is his playing both the ethnicity card and the military card to give permission for a certain class of people in the United States a free pass when committing a crime: entering the country illegally. It still astonishes me that there is anyone, citizen or not, who doesn’t understand the simple meaning of the word illegal. So, I’ll clarify:

illegal – not according to or authorized by law; unlawful, illicit. (Merriam-Webster)

Pretty straight forward definition, yes?

Menendez’s bill is just another attempt to sneak through amnesty for illegals, like the DREAM Act. By Menendez’s thinking serving in the military is grounds to forgive criminal activity, a policy many politicians decried during the Vietnam era and denounced repeatedly since then whenever the issue has arisen again. Basically Menendez is using the ongoing propaganda often used by our government that our military personnel are somehow superior (morally and ethically) to average non-military citizens to justify forgiving criminal acts. By that reasoning, family members of citizens serving in the military should also be allowed to commit a range of crimes (identity theft, not paying taxes, no driver’s license or insurance) and receive certain privileges (free housing, education, medical care).

No to the Military Families Act.
No to the DREAM Act.
No to blanket amnesty!

Yes to immigration enforcement.
Yes to genuine immigration reform.

Supreme Court Upholds Az Law Penalizing Businesses For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law Penalizing Businesses For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

By a 5-3 vote, the court said Thursday that federal immigration law gives states the authority to impose sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized workers.

A victory for Arizona in this case is a victory for the nation and legal immigrants and honest businesses. I won’t read too much into it but it does seem to indicate that some members of the SCOTUS rejects the Federal argument that States have no input on immigration issues. Of course there is still the key ruling to come sometime down the road on SB1070.

Georgia Immigration Bill and Napolitano’s Fantasy

Georgia Immigration Bill Signed Into Law By Governor Nathan Deal

“The falsity is that there has been nothing done, that the border somehow is out of control. That is incorrect,” she said.

Welcome to the immigration war, Georgia.

And people wonder why the majority of Arizonans were practically dancing in the streets when Napolitano was drafted by the Obama administration. By no means the worst Governor in Arizona history her leaving freed the state of her sanctuary policies and revealed her true allegiances as a Democratic Party loyalist rather than a representative and governor of the people of Arizona. No, the reality is that illegal immigration is rampant and destructive problem for the United States that the fools in Washington refuse to accept. Worse these same fools do not understand the definition of the word illegal.

I suppose the deaths of Border Patrol agents are okay with Napolitano according to her little fantasy world. So is the human trafficking, drug trafficking, rapes, threats and murders of American citizens happening as well. And then there are the financial costs to workers, tax payers, and states that must spend resources on the illegals as well that should be going to help citizens and legal residents of this nation.

But nope, in “Janet’s World” all is rainbows and fluffy bunnies. Facts contrary to this fantasy are just pesky annoyances that needs to be crushed with propaganda and political witch hunts.

How Not to Discuss Immigration (Or Any Issue): Obama Mocks GOP

Obama mocks Republican position on immigration – Boston.com

“Maybe they’ll need a moat,” he said derisively to laughter from the crowd. “Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Hey, if it works might as well try it. [!] [1] (<–FYI, this is sarcasm by the way. I feel the need to point this out since such subtlety is lost on political pundits and assorted internet crackpots.)

But seriously now. The President calls for civility and calm dialogue but then pulls a stunt like this? I wish I could say I’m surprised but I am not. It’s classic Alinsky[2]-ism and indicative of the corruption of those who follow this brand of progressivism. This is the same old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude prevalent amongst the Washington political elite who view not only their opposition with disdain (at best) and contempt (at worst) but the American people as well. It’s unsurprising the President would use this uncivil and divisive tone on an issue to try and generate meager support. Sadly, all Mr. Obama did was highlight his contempt for his fellow citizens in several ways.

The first group the President shows his contempt for Hispanics and Latinos. Mr. Obama promises this segment of the population citizenship for millions of illegal aliens by calling it “reform” while making the racist and ethnically-biased assumption that all Hispanics and Latinos “stick together”, support illegal immigration, and always support Democrats. He assumes the Hispanic and Latino population are too stupid to understand the issues involved in genuinely reforming immigration and that by quoting a few catch phrases and keywords that they’ll simply flock to his political banner. The problem is that there are many legal Hispanic/Latino citizens who vehemently oppose illegal immigration and the associated criminal activity it entails and want current immigration laws stringently enforced.

The next group the President insults is the middle class. He foolishly thinks he can convince American workers, worried about getting and keeping their jobs in this long running recession, will welcome the idea of millions of more illegal immigrants being given citizenship or work permits to flood the job market as well as taking up valuable openings at American educational institutions (via the DREAM Act).  If the gruel you eat is too thin to be nutritious you don’t add more water to make it thinner.

The third group he insults is the group he needs most to get genuine reform done: the Congress. Yes he was primarily blasting Republicans but the reality is a sizable number of Democrats agree with Republicans with respect to issues relating to immigration. It’s the Democratic elitist leadership that ignores its rank and file members calls for a moderate and non-politicized approach to issues like immigration that are the real problem. Illegal immigration, and other national issues, will not be solved until the useless rhetoric and political brinkmanship favored by the elitists to destroy unity amongst Americans.

And finally he insults all American by one more trying to divert attention away from the real, number one issue of the day: the economy and the continuing decline of the American middle class and businesses. Prices are up for food and fuel, the American dollar is weak due to the Feds over printing, unemployment is climbing once more, and property values are dropping again but instead of attending to the economy the President decides to play political games once more.

So I feel compelled to remind the President of why his poll numbers are tanking and his policies are unpopular with a popular phrase from the Clinton Administration era: It’s the economy, stupid! So stop mocking, stop campaigning a year and a half before the election, get off the television, get back to the White House, and do your job.

[1] [!] is a sarcasm emote, FYI. I intend to make greater use of it since I do tend to get sarcastic in a number of my posts when faced with the inanities of the world.
Referring to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the extremist progressive movement (read:socialist-Marxist-communist) school of thought that encourages pushing a socialist-communist agenda by any means necessary (denigration, dehumanization, jingoism, infiltration, indoctrination, censorship, propaganda, slander/libel, victimization, intimidation, threats, exploiting racism, sexism, sectarianism, atheism and ethnocentrism, alienation, impoverishment, entitlement, class warfare, et al).

Arizona Lawmakers Reject “Birthright” Immigration Bills – Baja Arizona

Arizona lawmakers reject “birthright” immigration bills – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Republican lawmakers in Arizona intended to put their state at the forefront of a national debate this year over “birthright” citizenship laws, but the state Senate on Thursday rejected a whole series of conservative immigration bills.

Good. Unlike SB1070 which did not try to usurp the Constitution as some pro-illegal alien activists still attempt to claim, these bills were clearly challenges to the birth right citizenry guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. They wrongly approached the problem of anchor babies and children of illegals by trying to pass a law at the State level rather than taking the issue to the Federal level where the Congress could debate on it (even if political extremists and pro-illegals would attempt to vilify such debate) . If a change was made it would then go to the citizens of the United States for referendum as called for when making constitutional amendments. Unlike SB 1070 addressing the Federal government reneging on it’s constitutional duties this is one requiring an actual change to the Constitution.

Baja Arizona

I’d laugh myself silly except there are some whack jobs taking this serious. But then Arizona has been attracting the wackos long before I was born and raised here so I can’t claim to be all that surprised at a left loony group has got some attention. Besides, Arizona can’t let all the right wing wackos have all the fun so it was about time some lefty wackos cropped got in on the action. Meanwhile, moderates get to sit back and laugh at their stupidity.

Basically the recent losses in the November elections and strong anti-illegal immigration laws have brought out leftist extremists that want to turn southern Arizona into Baja Arizona. They claim it is because the rest of the state is racist but reality shows that it is simply the extreme lefties in the state refusing to accept that their ideas, particularly their more extreme ideas, are widely rejected by Arizonans on issues such as taxes, immigration, and economic policies. If they had policies and people Arizonans could trust they’d get voted into office. Besides I find it more telling by their chosen flag their real goal is in support of the the inane and racist reconquista movement not because Arizona isn’t liberal enough for them.

Ask these same people if northern Californians, who are fed up with the craziness of southern California, could secede and form their own state are you’ll hear them scream “No!” and then whine about it not being fair or just or some other such mealy-mouthed garbage. I know, I’ve asked some (precisely two people who live in Tucson FWIW) who claim to support the idea of Baja Arizona and that’s exactly what they said. Of course they were the only two people of the thirty or so I know in Tucson who supported the idea. Of those thirty only six heard of the “movement”.

You’d think if Arizona wasn’t leftist enough they’d go back to the West’s main haven for liberal progressives: California. It’s only a few hours drive away after all. Just sayin’…