News Briefs 08 Jan 2009

Obama pushes stimulus, warns on recession | Reuters I’m highly skeptical of Obama’s neo-socialist attitude that only the government can solve the economic crisis, especially one that will only increase the debt left for future generations. The Federal Government can not be the cash cow for the country to turn o for money that doesn’t exist. History has shown government influence and control hinders economic recovery. Recent history even more so highlights this with the epic failure that was the so called Wall Street Bailout. Do we really want to trust a government that bankrupted the nation’s social programs and ran up massive deficits and debt over the past forty to fifty years to have greater influence in the economy as well? I, for one, do not.

Israel faces criticism as Gaza toll hits 765 | Reuters And why doesn’t anyone blame Hamas, a blantantly obvious terrorist organization, not held accountable for its attacks on civilians? Oh that’s right, only Israel does wrong. Everyone else in the ME is innocent, fluffy bunnies. /sarcasm Yes Israel has done some terrible things to Palestinians, but then so have the Palestinians done terrible things (to both themselves  and Israelis) as well by allowing the Arab world to use them as pawns to keep the corrupt Arab regimes in power for decades.

Microsoft’s Ballmer touts ‘best version of Windows ever’ –
What’s funny is I thought Vista was the best version of Windows since the archaic 3.11. I know others had problems with Vista but I never really did. On the rare occasions I did I was always able to find a viable, easy solution. So go figure. Perhaps this means Windows 7 truly will be the ‘best version ever’. Perhaps not. I still like Unix/Linux systems (particularly Ubuntu) better even if I don’t use one at home.

I did get some amusement at the implication that they had developed a flexible screen. The Japanese came up with that nearly a decade ago. I remember seeing it on a Japanese tech news television program. I guess its good that it’s finally reached the US.