Aggressive Animal Alert: AZ ZIP 85014 (Longview West Neighborhood)

Normally, I’d simply allow the COP Animal Control and Police to deal with the dog attack at my mother’s property today but given the number of small children and residents with small pets I feel the need to put out this warning for residence in Phoenix ZIP Code 85014, particularly in the Longview Neighborhood and surrounding area in which the below incidents occured.

Aggressive Animal Alert
ZIP: 85014

If the following two dangerous animals and/or their owner are spotted or if one know where they reside, please contact City of Phoenix Animal Control with this information so the community can be better protected.


2 Dogs, breeds unknown, mixed

Dog 1: Small, black, possible white markings on chest.

Dog 2: Small, white with tan/brown patches.

Incident(s) of Aggression/Dangerous Animal Behavior:

1. Attempted to attack cat and then charged owner trying to shoo dogs out of backyard. Dogs’ owner encouraged dogs to attack and made no effort to restrain animals when asked to do so. Time: Approx: 8 a.m.

2. Snapped at two people trying to chase the dogs away from kittens the dogs mauled to death. Incident took place in backyard of private resident and was reported to City of Phoenix PD and Animal Control. Time: Approx: 12:30 p.m.

3. Dogs returned to location of second attack, chased off after charging owner. Approx: 2 p.m.

Animal(s) Owner:
Name: Unknown.
Description: Hispanic male, about late 20s to mid 30s, 5’9″ to 5’10”, approx 150-170 lbs, brown eyes, short black hair, clean shaven, last seen wearing ball cap, sleeveless shirt.

Other Information:

Owner allows animals to run around without leashes in violation of the law. Encourages animals to attack.

Known to frequent corner gas station/convenience store near Longview Elementary. Believed to live in area bordered by Fairmount, 12th St, Osborn Rd and 7th St.

Evidence is being compiled for potential criminal and civil charges against dogs’ owner.