News Bits: Biden Warns Dems, License Plates, Maine Earthquake

Democrats Could Lose Senate, Biden Warns Party

Democrats are only four seats away from losing control of the Senate to Republicans in 2012, Vice President Biden warned supporters in a online appeal for donations Tuesday.

The Democratic Party deserves to lose the Senate given their bungling over the past few years, but especially due to their rampant arrogance and elitism of 2009-2010 that forced a socio-political agenda unwanted and unneeded by the American people while ignoring the more pressing concerns of the collapsed economy, job market, and housing markets. Instead, these Democrats chose to criticize, demean, impugn, mock and attack any and all who so much as dared question their question policies and insane ideological driven agenda. Such blatant disregard is what led to a crushing defeat of the Democratic Party in the House and made it possible for the GOP to better moderate the Senate agenda in the 2010 midterm elections. Such continuing disregard by both Senate Democrats and the GOP with respect to the economy, jobs, and housing combined with blatant pandering of special interest groups (primarily unions) and ethno-political agendas will likely result in the Democrats rightly losing the Senate as well.

I don’t trust the Republicans to do much better. The GOP has certainly been equally to blame for the budget mess but for the most part they at least seem to understand such novel concepts as cutting budgets, supporting American businesses, and respectfully listening to the wishes of their constituents. Whether they will actually act on what is important to the American people or not is another matter, but anything is better than the current crop of Senate Democrats and their party’s so called leadership.

I’m still very much of the notion that we, the people, need to throw the bums out in 2012, preferably with non-partisan or third party candidates who’ll get down to the brass tacks of what needs to be done without being concerned on being re-elected.

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Fighting For Confederate License Plates in Florida, Texas And Kentucky

The group, whose members trace their ancestors to the rebel cause, have rebelled against decisions in Florida, Texas and Kentucky that blocked their attempts to get Confederate imagery on vanity plates.

As they rightly should. Whites and blacks both served in the Confederacy and should be allowed to acknowledge that heritage without the modern political correctness and rewriting of history. We need to remind people of the entirety of our nation’s history, not just the jingoistic, politically motivated censorship that ignores the complex issues and motivations of the Antebellum Era that led up to the Civil War.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that no specialty plates should be allowed. Only three types of plates should exist: standard, handicapped, and government plates. The overuse of specialty plates has gotten ridiculous to the point of making it nearly impossible to determine what state a vehicle originates.

Maine Earthquake Swarm Caused By Ice Age (SEISMOGRAPHS)

It’s hard to imagine that we’re still feeling the effects of the last ice age.

No, it’s not hard to believe in the least. The planet is constantly changing, as is the climate. This is nothing new, despite what some so-called “scientists” would have people believe in the name of global warming or whatever agenda they’re pushing this decade.