Sen McCain: Mubarak needs to step down

.: United States Senator John McCain :: Press Office :.

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today released the following statement on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Egypt:

“The rapidly deteriorating situation in Egypt leads me to the conclusion that President Mubarak needs to step down and relinquish power. It is clear that the only institution in Egypt that can restore order is the army, but I fear that for it to do so on behalf of a government led by or involving President Mubarak would only escalate the violence and compromise the army’s legitimacy. I urge President Mubarak to transfer power to a caretaker administration that includes members of Egypt’s military, government, civil society, and pro-democracy opposition, which can lead the country to free, fair, and internationally credible elections this year as part of a real transition to democracy.

“All Americans should be appreciative of President Mubarak’s long record of cooperation with our government, which has helped to fight terrorism and promote peace and security in the Middle East and North Africa. I remain concerned about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations in Egypt that espouse an extremist ideology. But Egypt must have a democratic future. It is the will of the Egyptian people. It is in the interest of the United States. And the greatest contribution that President Mubarak can make to the cause of democracy in his country is to remove himself from power.”

At least some in DC at least partially get, though as an American I will never be appreciative of a dictatorship. America can do better for allies than supporting or relying on dictators. Our standing in the world would be much improved if the nation did not support dictators. We should be fostering the principles of equality, tolerance, freedom and democracy instead.

AZ GOP Primary

AZ Election Results are coming in. Not too many surprises really to be seen on the GOP side. I personally did not vote for a single incumbent given the mess the incumbents have made of things.

Senator McCain looks to have easily defeated his challengers, as expected. I didn’t vote for either McCain or Hayworth, the former for being an incumbent, the latter for simply being an ass. I’m with the eleven or so percent who voted for the third guy running that was ignored universally by the news media: Jim Deakin.

Jan Brewer also appears to easily have crushed her challengers. Again didn’t vote for her  being a complete failure for Arizona. A governor focused on a single issue (immigration) is not what this state needs and her positive efforts on immigration do not negate the numerous screw ups she’s made elsewhere.

Curiously in CD 3 (not my district, FYI), Ben Quayle looks to have defeated his opponents.  But then again there were ten candidates there. Ten! How crazy is that? Honestly, with the buzz Vernon Parker seemed to be getting I’m surprised he didn’t do better.

In my district, CD 4, Janet Contreras looks to have defeated Joe Penalosa. I voted for Contreras feeling she would better challenge that sellout git Rep. Ed Pastor (D) .

The GOP candidate for State Attorney General looks too close to call between Andrew Thomas and Tom Horne at this point.

For Maricopa County Attorney it looks like Montgomery has defeated Rick Romley. I voted for Montgomery so am pleased by this.

GOP Candidate for Secretary of State Ken Bennett won unopposed.

Doug Ducey looks to be the GOP nominee for State Treasurer.

I was pissed off that the GOP didn’t deign to put up a candidate for Justice of the Peace or Constable for my district, so I wrote myself in for JP as a protest. Sure it won’t mean anything but the point is that no elected position should be won by default simply because there were no challengers. Democracy doesn’t work, particularly one where party politics dominate, if the parties won’t even field a token challenger.

Time’s Running Out…

Senate GOP again kills jobless aid extension

1 effin’ vote?

The GOP is putting the noose around their necks to commit political suicide with this over one vote for needed aid. It’s not like it’s the pork spending both parties love to tack on every budget or when bailing out corporations. Any good will garnered for their opposing wild spending and exploding government size and control will be gone if this extension doesn’t pass this week, before the July 4th break. Do the DC politicians really want to tell millions of Americans just before one of the nation’s most important holidays, the holiday the commemorates the nation’s founding, that going on vacation is more important to them than the American people? Really? Political suicide. No amount of weaseling by ignorant officials will change that fact. No blaming the other party will work either. Americans will be angry and rightly so at such blatant and arrogant disregard for the public by the Senate.

I stand by my pledge that if the extension isn’t passed by the Fouth of July I’m declaring my independence from incumbents. It doesn’t pass, so to shall the careers of all incumbents end at the ballot box in retaliation. Seeing the straights some people are in makes this for me the final straw. Even if they pass the extension afterwards I will do eveything I am able to assist in defeat in every incumbent regardless of party or affiliation.

Maybe I’m tilting at windmills, but enough is enough. It’s time to end this nonsensical political posturing by the demagogues of the parties and free the country from their destructive behavior and actions. The democrats have become socilaists and the republicans corporate monarchis. Meanwhile the people just want their federal republic back where in belongs, in their hands.

Are you listening, Senators McCain and Kyl? Doubtful. But you can’t say people didn’t warn you about the consequences of your hypocrisy and arrogance.

McCain to Obama: Send troops…

McCain to Obama: Send troops to border if you don’t like new immigration law –

“If the president doesn’t like what the Arizona Legislature and governor may be doing, then I call on the president to immediately call for the dispatch of 3,000 National Guard troops to our border and mandate that 3,000 additional Border Patrol [officers] be sent to our border as well,” McCain said at a news conference Friday in downtown Phoenix, according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

“And that way, then the state of Arizona will not have to enact legislation which they have to do because of the federal government’s failure to carry out its responsibilities, which is to secure the borders.”

McCain isn’t a paragon of virtue when it comes to immigration enforcement and reform (more precisely the lack thereof) but his support of Arizona’s pot shot at the broken federal system is more acceptable than Obama’s contemptuous disregard for people’s concerns about illegal immigration. But it’s not just the President that is the problem it’s the entire federal government for ignoring the responsibilities and duties to protect the border and citizens of this land.

Senators McCain and Kyl on Wrong Side

I’m disgusted that Arizona Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl voted against the Franken Amendment. The Franken amendment was very simple, clear, and quite fair: Haliburton, or subsidiaries, (and any other similar contractors) would receive no federal funds if they require employees or subcontractors to sign mandatory arbitration clauses (e.g. sign away their right to bring their case before a court). This is quite reasonable given Haliburton and its subsidiaries problems with employees being raped, assaulted, discrimination, and otherwise harassed by their co-workers and employers and then being denied justice or evn a hint of impartial review.

I want to know why the Senators from Arizona seem to condone these illegal activities? Why are they trying to protect such abusive companies? If they voted against it simply because a Democrat made the amendment then I am disgusted with their partisanship. If they voted against it because they are protecting Haliburton and others, then they are complete idiots. Such actions as these make me wonder if both are simply “good ol’ boy” misogynists.

Fortunately the Franken amendment passed anyway.

McCain Town Hall

So McCain had a health care town hall earlier today. It went about what I expected. Some ideas, some answers, some sidestepping, some laughs, and some boos. Lots of feisty people whether you consider them wing nuts or not is dependent on your perspective. Nothing extraordinary really other than it was a stark contrast from so many of the Democratic town halls the media made such a ballyhoo about.

My favorite lines from the town hall:

“You might be seeing the beginning of a peaceful revolt in America.”

Actually it’s more the people holding their government accountable more than a revolt, but I assume those elitists in DC think people questioning their elected officials is a revolt. Anyway, the revolt began a while ago, hence the TEA Parties, people going to town halls, etc.

“Senator, nuke it now!”

Though I agree with McCain that such an approach accomplishes nothing in the real world and even in the fantasy land that makes up DC. I just like the quote, since it sums up a lot of people’s anger over the Administration and Congress trying to force everything through without comment, debate, or compromise. When people are backed into a corner (or at least feel like it) they lash out.

Arizona Town Halls
Per The Arizona Republic

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Who: Senator McCain
Where: North Phoenix Baptist Church (5757 N Central, Phoenix)
When: 5:30 pm
Note: Constituents had to sign up by Monday 24 August

Friday 28 August

Who: The Tucson Tea Party (Presumably anti-ObamaCare)
Where: Rincon High School auditorium (422 N Arcadia Ave, Tucson)
When: 6:30 pm

Saturday 29 August

Who: Arizonans for Health Reform (Pro-ObamaCare)
Where: Phoenix College Bullpit auditorium (1202 W Thomas Road, Phoenix)
Time: 10 am – Noon

Of Joes, Jackboots, and Generals

Why does all the “good” stuff happen when I’m busy? Some of this is a few days out of date but still a good reminder of things people should be keeping in mind nowadays when it comes to politics and the media.

Joe the Plumber and the Jackboots of the MSM

Wow, what’s with the Democrats and MSM hammering on “Joe the Plummer”? Oh that’s right. He’s a citizen who dared challenge the mighty Obama and somehow tricked the Senator into revealing his socialist foot-in-mouth disease. Joe must be punished for reminding not only the Senator but the American public that the government is supposed to work for them not punish them for being successful. /sarcasm

Seriously though, I take this as a sign that Obama, Biden, and their more rabid supporters in the DNC and MSM believe that Obama is to become overlord of the American people, not a servant of and for the American people. Why else would they be making asinine comments about “vetting” Mr. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher among other things? Should the MSM not be asking why Sen. Obama or his handlers didn’t better screen people he was freely choosing to speak with instead?

I find it especially disturbing that the MSM seems to be of the notion that only their opinion matters. In a splendid display of Soviet style propaganda the MSM apparently thinks anyone who expresses differing opinions must be publicly destroyed through innuendo and smear. The MSM is starting to look more like Pravda at it’s height during the Cold War than a genuine independent and free press.

I’m just glad Mr. Wurzelbacher seems to be able to shrug off the jackbooted thuggery of the MSM and even fight back against them.

And speaking of jackbooted thugs…

Arizona Political Shenanigans

…(or those who act like the thought police)

What is it with the morons stealing McCain and Obama signs from people yards in the Valley? The nutters doing this need to stop and get a life outside of politics. They wouldn’t like someone suppressing their rights so why are they trying to suppress other people’s rights. It doesn’t take much effort to be civilized and respectful towards each other over political differences.

Colin Powell Endorsing Obama

I don’t see the big deal or hubbub about Powell backing Obama. It’s no different than other former Secretaries of State announcing their support for McCain or Obama. It’s his right like any other American to choose who he supports. Most of the American public won’t really care one way or another, former Bush administration member or not. What is laughable is Obama trying to parlay the support as giving him some sort of international experience or credibility.