Media tries to tie IRS Attack on Tea Party Movement

Newsmax – Media Use Austin IRS Terror Attack to Slam Tea Party Movement

Sad and pathetic that some political organizations with a vested interest in keeping the corrupt status quo in the U.S. government would use one cracked individual’s destructive act to pillory anyone and anything that dares to challenge the system. Truly, truly pathetic on the part of some entrenched special interests and media outlets who’ve bought into the notion that the continuation and expansion of their political agenda is paramount even when detrimental to the entire nation and the freedoms therein.

To use this horrible event as a means to imply the necessity in silencing of dissent, as some seem to be doing, is an abomination. It’s simply a continuation of last summer’s arrogant vitriol by governing elitists and their allies in Washington that if you dissented in any way with the government you are not patriotic, an extremist, or are just a mob undeserving of attention and opinion. Such attitudes denigrating the citizenry’s interests and opinions will only continue to increase the feelings of estrangement, divisiveness, and anti-government sentiment in this country.

In the end the pilot was a deluded, unethical fool who got caught trying to abuse the tax codes and in true narcissistic fashion decided to make himself a supposed martyr and hero of the people by misguidedly attacking the IRS. All he did was confirm his status as a worthless individual,  a murderer of another innocent man, and a would be mass murderer of dozens more of his fellow citizens.