U.S. Aircraft Carrier to Head to Gulf

I get a strange set of irony in hearing the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier is being ordered to the Persian Gulf due to the rise of the ISIS terrorist group and it’s drive to topple the Iraqi government in Baghdad. This is especially so given the virulence of some pro-Obama anti-war towards the members of the Bush clan (admittedly their mindless ravings mostly aimed at the junior George W. rather than the senior George H.W.).

Perhaps more ironic is Iran, whose nation’s government despises everything that is the United States, has indicated that it is willing to work with the U.S. to combat ISIS.

But on a more serious note, it is concerning to see a regional war potentially cropping up in the region. A regional war that will not have clearly defined borders, opponents, or even objectives:

  • The Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) are reportedly solidifying their hold over the Kurdish region of Iraq as the Iraqi’s military and security forces pull out in the face of the ISIS assault and potential grab for Baghdad. I suspect given these events the Kurds are going to be even more emboldened to maintain or even expand their autonomy and military capabilities from external forces such as ISIS, Iran, Syria and Turkey.
  • Iran’s sudden involvement is not that surprising given they’re a Shia country where as ISIS is a Sunni based group. Other than not wanting the rise of a Sunni run government in Iraq I doubt the Iranian government cares much about their neighbors in anything other than in terms of controlling them for Iran’s benefit.
  • Iraq. I can’t say I’m surprised at the sudden rise of Sunni and ISIS over the discrimination Sunni’s have faced since the fall of Hussein. (Note that I am not too sympathetic to the Sunni’s given their own shoddy treatment of Shia’s and other non-Sunni’s during the Baath Party’s reign.) Ultimately this is a culmination of the hatred Iraqi Sunni and Shia have for one another for centuries, a hatred stoked by more recent decades of abuses aimed at one another. ISIS (a Wahhabi based group) feeds off of this with the idea that they will be victorious; beginning the first leg of their plan to create a new (allegedly sunni) caliphate in the region.
  • Syria. There’s not much really to say other than what’s happening there is a result of decades of the Assad’s and the Baath Party’s manipulation of the region and it’s people. ISIS has been successful in much of its campaign in Syria giving them a strong base from which to launch further attacks deeper into Syria and Iraq.


Operation Odyssey Dawn

Odyssey Dawn: The military operation – World news – Mideast/N. Africa – msnbc.com A brief overview of some of the military assets involved in establishing and enforcing the No-Fly Zone in Libya.

US, UK and French attack Libyan leader Gaddafi’s military sites

Earlier this afternoon over 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from both US and British ships and submarines struck more than 20 integrated air defence systems and other air defence facilities ashore

I know many people are opposed to military action or intervention of any sort in Libya because they believe it is not our concern. I can understand that sentiment even as I disagree with it. War is not something to take lightly and without consideration regardless of the situation. In the case of Libya, I personally feel the establishment of the No-Fly Zone is necessary given the history of the Gaddafi regime both within its borders and internationally. The United States has a long history, haphazard and sometime erratic in application though it be, of supporting democratic efforts and movements around the world. For me, Operation Odyssey Dawn is no different than those previous efforts.

Ghost Missiles In the Sky

FoxNews.com – Mystery Solved? Missile Launch Could Be a Jet Contrail

L.A. ‘mystery missile’ may have been errant launch, experts say | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

I don’t really buy that it was a jet contrail. It could very well be a jet but I’ve seen plenty of both jet and missile contrails. Based on the footage available this one looks more like a contrail I would associate with a missile or rocket.

Whether it is a missile or a jet contrail, the fact that authorities could not readily confirm or deny which it was is more troubling from a national security and safety perspective. The lack of any explanation, even an old excuse like whatever is was being classified due to national security or something would have gone over better than the ongoing media frenzy over apparent ineptitude, confusion, and lack of communication.

News Bits: Immigration, Deficit, Belarus, Hypersonic Missile

Peaceful protest proper approach on Arizona law | law, enforcement, people – Opinion – YumaSun

The peaceful protests and civil disobedience of the civil rights era are an example of the power of proper opposition. Those who want to protest this law need to look to that example.

At least some still have common sense. Too bad it isn’t the protesters, who by their very actions turn people against them. I lost what little sympathy I had for those opposing the law the instant some became violent (attacking police) and resorted to vandalism (refried bean swastikas? talk about racial profiling yourself!). Hell, even my Hispanic neighbors think the protesters are morons. (Their exact words were much harsher.) The protesters have the right to protest peacefully and challenge the law in court, nothing more. If the law is truly unconstitutional it will be deemed as such.

Napolitano has ‘deep concerns’ over immigration law Says the lady who did nothing during her tenure as Arizona governor to truly deal with illegal immigration aside from the occasional token troops on the border publicity stunts and has completely failed to secure the border in her time as head of DHS.

US Immigration – Congress Turns to Immigration Reform I’ll believe it when I see the borders secured, laws enforced, States not left bankrupt by federal immigration mandates, and Americans not sold out in favor of illegals.

Obama says everything on table for tackling budget deficits | Reuters
Simple suggestions for the morons in D.C.: Cut spending, no new taxes/fees/fines, ban earmarks, suspend non-emergency related foreign aid, cut business taxes to bring back industry and jobs, etc. And don’t even think about a value added tax (VAT) on the citizenry. VAT will end their political careers in a heartbeat when people realize it will hurt the middle class and poor the most.

Belarus leader warns against Kyrgyz-type turmoil | Reuters Too bad Lukashenko’s authoritarian rule diminishes his concerned words.

Japan seeks foreign engines for stealth fighter prototypes

.:: Aero-News Network: The Aviation and Aerospace World’s Daily/Real-Time News and Information Service ::.

Called the “Prompt Global Strike” (PGS) system, it is built around a hypersonic missile that could travel at speeds of up to Mach 5 or 3,6000 miles per hour. A Tomahawk cruise missile flies at about 550 miles per hour.


The PGS has drawn mixed reaction from the international community. The Deputy Secretary of the Russian National Security Council, General Yuri Baluyevsky, said that the U.S. had only agreed to recent nuclear arms reductions because of its ability to “kill you using conventional high-precision weapons.”

Gen Sheehan on DADT

Gen. John Sheehan says Gays Weakened Dutch Military in Bosnia – AOL News

The stupid, it burns!

It amazes me that this retired General ignores the simple facts regarding the Dutch failure in Bosnia (unworkable operational orders, lack of training, light weaponry and limited equipment) to push his own bigotry. Does he really believe a small number of homosexuals serving their military weaken a military? Blaming the soldiers is the thinking of officers and leaders who fail to admit to their own incompetence.

Russian T-50 Stealth Fighter

Russian Stealth Fighter

Sukhoi T-50 Stealth Fighter – RIA Novosti

Also referred to as the Sukhoi PAK FA.

Some of  the following information are estimates of the plane and may not be accurate.

NATO Designation: Firefox


Wing: 14.2 m ( S=78.8 m^2)
Length: 22 m
Height: 6.05 m


Max 37,000 kg
Normal 26,000 kg
Empty 18,500 kg

Speed : 2,100 km/h  (M=2.0)

Altitude: 20,000 m

Questionable Presidential Executive Orders

Obama stealth executive order creating firestorm

New ‘Secret’ Executive Order Raises Questions – Politics – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com

While I don’t subscribe to the more sinister thoughts of some on President Obama’s recent spate of executive orders, I do wonder why they are being done in such a relatively secretive fashion and how they could be twisted to usurp American rights, laws and sovereignty especially eliminating Posse Comitatus and States Rights.

Add to this Obama’s consideration of issuing an executive order to create a budget reform panel (which is the sole purview of the Legislative Branch not the Executive Branch of government) to advise congress on the issue. You’ve got to wonder if Obama even understands that he’s not Ol’ Joe Stalin. He can’t simply order the country to do what he wants. In any case, the answer is simple: don’t spend what you don’t have like the people do. But then this is Washington we’re talking about here, they barely have a passing nod with reality.

Regime Change 2010.