Reminder to the MSM

Drudge: NBC Bans Ann Coulter For Life (Updated with VIDEO) – Political Machine

While I dispise the vacuous Ms. Coulter if this ban turns out to be true NBC just further gives evidence of the continued and growing arrogance of the main stream media (MSM). Curious how NBC enjoyed Ms. Coulter’s presence before without complaint through some truly disgusting statements but now suddenly no longer find her tolerable. It sounds like NBC is implementing the inane “Fairness Doctrine” ahead of time in order to appease the incoming administration. The thought that any independent press or news organization feels the need appease the government in and of itself is chilling. How long before they decide to ban a reporter because they are critical of government corruption or trying to make the citizenry aware of wasteful spending?

The MSM has always tried to direct and  control public opinion, though often much more subtly than recent years. Now, reinforced by their success in biased reporting during the presidential campaign they will continue to act more brazenly in this manner. In turn more and more Americans will turn to other sources for their news and information.

The MSM needs to remember that they can not silence opinions they do not share or views they disagree with. Attempts at such censorship, especially on subjects involving politics and beliefs, often fuel discontent as people become aware of the distortions, omissions, and out right lies told them. The age of the internet ensures this will occur, even in the worlds most restrictive regimes.

Snobby idiot reporters

Rant forthcoming…

Americans rich and poor pawn more to pay bills | U.S. | Reuters

I would laugh because the Phoenix pawn shop mentioned in the article is just a block away from where I live except I take exception at the description of my neighborhood and the pawn shop. The “place” is hardly grimy, neither is the neighborhood as these idiot authors note. If anything, the pawn shop in particular has worked hard to keep their area clean and well maintained given the seediness of the place prior to their taking over the building in the 90s. My guess is the authors are racist pieces of crap and assume that because there is a sizable Hispanic population in the area and Longview Elementary School across the street that the area is automatically “grimy”. That or they are snobby elitists who think if your house was purchased for less than half a million, you’re poor. Douche bags.

So, according to these snobbish bigots the elementary school, the baptist church and rectory, the community center, the gay bar, Anthem College (formerly Hi-Tech Institute), the small businesses, the houses and apartments reclaimed from the drug dealers, crack whores, and meth labs, and the historical preservation area are all “grimy”. Are there areas that needs some work? Certainly. But anyone in Phoenix will tell you that every neighborhood, even amongst the rich, has homes in need of proper maintenance. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves. Does that make those areas “grimy” too? No. It’s just more lazy ass reporters applying their biases because the story is about pawn shops and the poor economy. In their little world, all pawnshops are automatically located in slums, except those in Beverly Hills (of course) because the supposed rich are “special”.

I’ll avoid ranting over the obvious bias in favor of California over Arizona in the writing of this alleged news article.

If they want grimy, the should have seen this neighborhood in the 90s when old timers like myself were dealing with rampant gangs, drug use, and high crime that the city wanted nothing to do with. The only time anything got done was when locals called the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. It was the local watches and the stubbornness of the long term locals and their families, like my own, that eventually won the fight and got the area returned to its middle class roots. You want hard core “grimy” head to the slums of South Phoenix and the barrios interspersed throughout the city and valley.

Just more proof of the laziness and bias in the media to reinforce stereotypes, biases, and artificial class barriers.

Liberman keeps seat, MSM Arizona politics correction

Lieberman Keeps Senate Chairmanship

At least the Democrats did one thing right since the election. I’m sure that will change once the new administration gets in the White House. As for the Republicans they should sanction Stevens now. He’s a convicted felon. If they want to be the party of principle and reform they need to clean house first.

Side note to correct more MSM misinformation and ignorance. I caught a segment of Fox News (why my brother was watching, I don’t know) that ignorantly stated that had Arizona Senator John McCain become President the GOP would have lost a senatorial seat in Congress to the Democrats. Wrong! Under Arizona law, the governor must appoint a member of the departing senator’s party to fill the vacancy. A simple little fact easily discovered had the media truly been doing its job during the Presidential campaign. Hell blogs had been talking about that tidbit since early 2008. Lazy reporters.

Of Joes, Jackboots, and Generals

Why does all the “good” stuff happen when I’m busy? Some of this is a few days out of date but still a good reminder of things people should be keeping in mind nowadays when it comes to politics and the media.

Joe the Plumber and the Jackboots of the MSM

Wow, what’s with the Democrats and MSM hammering on “Joe the Plummer”? Oh that’s right. He’s a citizen who dared challenge the mighty Obama and somehow tricked the Senator into revealing his socialist foot-in-mouth disease. Joe must be punished for reminding not only the Senator but the American public that the government is supposed to work for them not punish them for being successful. /sarcasm

Seriously though, I take this as a sign that Obama, Biden, and their more rabid supporters in the DNC and MSM believe that Obama is to become overlord of the American people, not a servant of and for the American people. Why else would they be making asinine comments about “vetting” Mr. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher among other things? Should the MSM not be asking why Sen. Obama or his handlers didn’t better screen people he was freely choosing to speak with instead?

I find it especially disturbing that the MSM seems to be of the notion that only their opinion matters. In a splendid display of Soviet style propaganda the MSM apparently thinks anyone who expresses differing opinions must be publicly destroyed through innuendo and smear. The MSM is starting to look more like Pravda at it’s height during the Cold War than a genuine independent and free press.

I’m just glad Mr. Wurzelbacher seems to be able to shrug off the jackbooted thuggery of the MSM and even fight back against them.

And speaking of jackbooted thugs…

Arizona Political Shenanigans

…(or those who act like the thought police)

What is it with the morons stealing McCain and Obama signs from people yards in the Valley? The nutters doing this need to stop and get a life outside of politics. They wouldn’t like someone suppressing their rights so why are they trying to suppress other people’s rights. It doesn’t take much effort to be civilized and respectful towards each other over political differences.

Colin Powell Endorsing Obama

I don’t see the big deal or hubbub about Powell backing Obama. It’s no different than other former Secretaries of State announcing their support for McCain or Obama. It’s his right like any other American to choose who he supports. Most of the American public won’t really care one way or another, former Bush administration member or not. What is laughable is Obama trying to parlay the support as giving him some sort of international experience or credibility.