Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Budget

Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Budget Boosts Defense, Education Spending — Politics Daily

So much for the President’s vaunted claims of getting government spending under control. Any politician supporting budgets proposals that add to the debt and increase the deficit should be thrown out of office. The American people are not the Federal government’s slaves to be raped and pillaged at the whims of irresponsible fools.

What’s needed is genuine fiscal constraint. The American people will understand the need to end unnecessary spending like pork projects and so-called “job stimulus” packages. So too will they understand the need to end tax credits and temporary tax cuts during this poor economic time so that all are paying their full and complete fair share of taxes and reduce the strain on revenues needed for programs. The military will understand not getting $160 billion that they didn’t ask for in the first place. Homeland security will understand that they don’t need a 2% increase that could be recouped by simply eliminating the massive wasted spending in that department already. College students will understand if there is not a increase in Pell grants. Tech firms will understand that they should not get federal funds for their clean energy technology.

Why would all these accept these? Because, if they are genuinely honest with themselves, they know that such things are unnecessary and unsustainable. Those intellectually honest people with integrity know that to accept such unnecessary spending will only further burden themselves, their future generations and their fellow Americans, leading to greater economic decline and perhaps even eventual collapse that would leave everyone destitute and in universal poverty.

The age of fiscal responsibility is at hand. The rampant and selfish greed and corruption from the government on down to the individual can no longer be tolerated when it threatens the whole. Those, like the President, who support such activities can no longer be allowed to have any influence in such decisions as they willingly destroy the future of all for their selfish short sighted gain. People such as these lay blame to those before them, even when they too were among the ones making the decisions, in order to deceive and deny that reality they created so they can continue their destructive ways while denying their own corrupt nature. The future can no longer be mortgaged, condemning future generations to economic slavery and eroded quality of life.

The steps to starting fiscal responsibility is simple:

  • No more pork projects.
  • No more stimulus bills.
  • No more bailouts.
  • No corporate well fare in any form.
  • Mandatory open bids for all government contracts.
  • No more gimmicky tax breaks and credits. Keeping the tax rate constant would better serve in determining and designing budgets that the yearly mickey mouse games the American people have to go through every year. An individual or couple do not deserve special dispensation because they chose to buy a house or a car. Giving such abreak unfairly burdens the rest who have to make up for the loss through either higher taxes or an increase in the national debt.
  • Reform tax codes so both individuals and business can operate without fear of being targeted.
  • Balanced budget requirements without any extensions or loopholes for any reason.
  • No more Fed bailouts of States. The State governments need to bring themselves under fiscal control knowing the Fed will no longer cover their corruption.
  • Finance reform to end speculators and financial institutes from continuing their dangerous practices.
  • Mandatory government spending freezes until the debt is gone.
  • Mandatory government wage freezes for all (including politicians) until the debt is gone.
  • End wasteful government programs or hand them over to more cost effective and efficiently run private sector businesses (i.e. The U.S. Postal Service and AmTrack).

It’s not easy and may take time, but in the end it will be worth it to all.

Regime Change 2010