Newsweek: Trump Lies *Data Checking*

So I rarely post here anymore and probably should close this blog but a recent article from Newsweek was issued claiming President Trump lied about the United States having the cleanest air in the world. I’m not a Trump fan but I trust the froth-mouths and so called main stream media (like Newsweek) even less. Also, I was curious as to what the actual data says.  I prefer data to base my opinions on so I went to do the research myself.

(You can too, if you disagree with my resulting opinion below.)

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Congress: More Statist Moves

So apparently Congress is demanding to see the the business practices and compensation of the health insurance industry. What I want to know is why? Is it because the Democrats are failing to win the public to the insane ObamaCare and are turning to demonizing phase? If so, they should re-think their policies. Americans are not stupid, despite what these politicians think and they are not easily duped but such obvious pandering. No American would want a government official telling them how they can spend their money, why would American businesses?

Is it not curious how other corporations related to healthcare are not getting similiar demands from Congress like Big Pharma? Apparently Big Pharma gets off scott-free because they’ve already cut a deal that guarantees them huge profits and protection from competition in exchange for supporting ObamaCare. No wringing of hand and bemoaning business practices there. A little too convenient, no?

More importantly why does Congress think that they can start “investigations” in an obvious attempt to smear their political opposition as well as imply that only the government has the right to decide how businesses (and ultimately people) can privately do with their own money? I’ve no love of the health insurance industry but I have even less love for arrogant, elitist politicians acting like thugs and wanna-be dictators. These are the same politicians who do nothing but try to keep the American people divided through various forms of class warfare and undermine American capitalism at every turn while they pillage the nation for their own profit and power in the process.

This is simply reinforcing my opinion that the members of Congress who continue to subscribe to statist ideologies need to be replaced as soon as possible. They’ve become so arrogant and out of touch with reality that they obviously believe that the people work for the government instead of a government working for the people.