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‘Trash Can’ Nuclear Reactors Could Power Human Outpost On Moon Or Mars

New Aluminum-water Rocket Propellant Promising For Future Space Missions

Researchers are developing a new type of rocket propellant made of a frozen mixture of water and “nanoscale aluminum” powder that is more environmentally friendly than conventional propellants and could be manufactured on the moon, Mars and other water-bearing bodies.

.:: Boeing Sends Layoff Notices To 130 Employees ::.

Asteroid Is Actually A Protoplanet, Study Of First High-resolution Images Of Pallas Confirms

Rocket Racing League

Rocket Racing League takes off with new engine, DKNY | News – Cutting Edge – CNET News and Rocket racer remade – Cosmic Log –

I’m happy to see that it appears the Rocket Racing League may be on it’s way to being back on track. It’s kind of strange to see a luxury clothes maker sponsoring a racer but it’s also a good idea but breaking from the traditional and expected sponsors for the RRL may spread its appeal to a wider potential audience.

I hope the FAA deems the crafts safe enough for the proposed exhibit at the Reno Air Races.


I’m actually looking forward to the Rocket Racing League getting under way. It looks like it will be an exciting and new way to get the public interest in space again, assuming it can bring in the crowds, as well as highlight the capabilities of private organizations to safely operate rocketry driven craft. I would like to see the exhibition race at this summer’s Oshkosh AirVenture though I might be able to pull off seeing either race in Reno or Las Vegas.