Germany Routs Brazil

Despite supporting Germany to win the World Cup, I was still shocked at today’s routing of Brazil. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team collapse, especially a team like Brazil known for it’s quality. I almost think Brazil should have dragged 11 random guys out of the stadium crowd and had them play the Germans instead. This isn’t to say that the German team was excellent, they were, and they made some history today.

Looking forward to see who the Germans play next.

World Cup 2014 Thoughts: US Men’s Team

I have to say that I think the U.S. Men’s National Team did decently this time around in the World Cup. They still had some moments of their past mediocrity but in general they acquitted themselves well in a very competitive group. It was called the Group of Death with good reason after all. At least I didn’t have a moment as I’ve in previous World Cups where I thought the Women’s National Team would make a better showing against the other nation’s men’s teams. (Don’t think the WNT is good? Check their record compared to the MNT.)

So while still scratching my head in puzzlement over the absence of Donovan from the roster and the unfortunate injuring of Altidore I think overall the USMNT is on its way to improving it’s international competiveness. For the team they have much to look forward to in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia (if it remains there, but that furball of a mess is another issue).

For now I shall go on to supporting the remaining teams I favor: Germany and Columbia.