Supreme Court rulings

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) reversed a decision denying white firefighters promotion based on their race. A good decision, in my opinion. Discrimination against one group can not be used to justify policies intended to end workplace discrimination against another group. That is simply the flip side of the same coin.

The SCOTUS also recently ruled that local governments must be given an option to bail out of requirements that they get federal approval for any changes in their election laws and/or method. A win for local government but likely to cause debate, particularly in the regions of the Southern US with a history of discriminatory votign practices.

Other notable rulings/actions:

  1. Cable TV can offer DVR like services.
  2. Surprisingly cleared the way for state regulators to investigate national banks for lending discrimination.

2nd Amendment Ruling

Supreme Court Throws Out Handgun Ban – AOL News I know there will be some upset by the Supreme Court throwing out Distric of Columbia’s handgun ban, but I for one welcome it. I have no problem with reasonable gun control measure like background checks but I have always felt D.C.’s law went beyond the as an intrusive and egregious violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Of course the extreme liberals claim it’s going to make the country less safe, ignoring the obvious fact that the ban did little to assuage D.C.’s crime problems. But then it also ignores the fact that people, not inanimate objects need to be held responsible for their activities. It reminds me of a phrase I heard once: Laws take away personal responsibility. I wish I could remember where I heard it before, but I tend to think it’s true. People hide behind the law so they don’t have to take responsibility for their choices and actions by blaming other things: other people, their environment, their job, their lifestyle, etc., etc.

It was interesting to note that the decision was pretty much along conservative vs. liberal lines. In this case I’m glad the conservatives were on the court as the more extreme liberal members have apparently forgot the meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in this case. It’s not like the Supreme Court Justices have not forgotten the Constitution before. I recall recently their approval for State’s to use eminent domain to seize private property and then give it to private developers. Surprisingly, in a rare correct decision, President Bush then issued an executive order limiting such use of eminent domain by federal agencies. Several states have also restricted eminent domain practices to prevent private developers and companies from essentially stealing people’s property for the “public benefit”.

Anyway, back on topic. I’m quite pleased with the decision and hope it prompts more reasonable and responsible gun regulations instead of the laws often passed as knee jerk reactions to events or political expediency and/or agendas.