Trump Talks to Taiwan

So everyone (read: left wing wackadoodles and Communist China lackeys) are having fits because Trump spoke with Taiwan’s President.

You know what I think? Good. About time an American President stopped molly coddling China. They want to play with the big boys then they better learn to deal with the consequences. Besides where were these whiners when the Obama administration authorized billions in weapons sales to Taiwan? They don’t consider that upsetting the Chinese but the president-elect talking to one who will soon be a political peer somehow sparks notions of war?

The Taiwan issue has been a topic that has irked me for some time, namely the notion that a foreign (enemy) power (China) is dictating who we can be allied with (Taiwan). It’s time American politicians do what they’re supposed to: look out for America’s interests, not foreign powers. You can have differences and not have hostilities or open conflict.

While I still hav emy doubts about Trump, if he’s going to truly approach international politics with a different perspective than the past half century I’m all for it. The status quo only keeps the elite and corrupt in power and the world under their thumb. Time to shake things up and maybe approach things unhindered by “tradition” or appeasement.


China-Taiwan Peace?

China’s President Hu Jintao is once more claiming he wants to create peace between China and Taiwan under the communist country’s “one China” policy. The problem is the “one China” policy only means one thing: the supremacy of communist China. Perhaps more disgusting is the current administration on Washington, DC blindly accepting anything China says without so much as a disapproving look to the Chinese government internal repression and aggression against US allies. Don’t get me wrong, the Tawainese regime isn’t much better at this point but they are a product of constant threat from China.

Coddling dictatorial regimes only leads to greater problems later. Just look to Burma, North Korea, and a multitude of countries the Middle East and Africa that are in chaos because the world turned a blind eye to what is going on. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Bush administration actually standing up to China anytime soon nor do I have much confidence of the potential future US Presidents doing so either. None seem to have the fortitude to take a stand against China to protect the Unoted States and it’s allies from any potential Chinese agression.