Immigrants and Arizona

Illegal immigrants packing up and leaving Arizona I know many think Arizona’s anti-illegal employment laws are harsh but the fact of the matter is they are needed. If the illegal workers want to work here, then do so legally. All they’ve done is turn U.S. citizens against them and made life difficult for all legal immigrants. The fact that CNN made no effort in the article to speak with the average person who supported the law and instead focused on illegals (i.e. not legal = criminal) complaining about being “oppressed” and “living in terror” shows their obvious bias on the issue. The fact is, those of us who are native to Arizona have put up with border problems for decades, problems ignored with contempt by the federal government and the rest of the nation because it didn’t affect them negatively. A bit convenient that now that it’s in their backyards they suddenly feel the need to fix the problem.

I for one welcome the measure, as I see it as a first step in securing the border and forcing the United States government in coming up with a reasonable and fair immigration and border policies. As it is right now, anyone who even looks hispanic is automatically viewed with suspicion and oft times outright racism and discrimination because the situation was ignored for so long. Case in point is my friend, Dan R., a U.S. citizen of Columbian descent, who is constantly harassed when he and his family members returned from trips to Mexico or being pulled over on traffic stops simply because they look “suspicious”. None of them dress, own cars, and live no differently than any other American workers, yet because they “look Mexican” to the ignorant masses they get harassed.

This seems familiar doesn’t it?

Hoover, FBI Planned Mass Jailings Funny how history repeats itself. And sad. I wish I could say I was surprised to see how closely our current President has tried to follow the “Hoover Plan” but I am not. I doubt Mr. Bush has had an original idea his entire privileged life where it comes to governance. Sadly such obvious and overt attempts to curtail political and social opposition in this country by ruling elitists have become quite common in the 20th century and continue now into the 21st. Given that history isn’t my forte (aside from a few specific subjects), I wouldn’t be all that surprised to discover such activities were common throughout all U.S. history.